The Ladybug has a new vintage 80s shirt

The Ladybug Chronicles Purple Shirt (1)

In my last post I showed you one of my new 80s vintage shirts that I bought from Maison Retro on Depop, today I show you the second one (there are a few more!).  I met Federica for the first time on Facebook and I still remember that my first purchase from her was a wool vintage plaid culottes that I adore. She was such a nice and helpful seller and I loved the skirt so much that I kept buying from her and I am now quite obsessed with her vintage pieces. Her style is strongly in line with mine and almost every new vintage piece on her shop is in my wish list!

When I bought my mustard shirt I also got this 80s purple long shirt, with a beautiful collar (sort of Korean one) and a stunning print. It is so 80s and I loved the shape so much that I couldn’t hide it and tuck it into a bottom, so I decided to wear it free and in all its beauty!

The Ladybug Chronicles Purple Shirt (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles Purple Shirt (3)

To leave the attention on it I just paired it with a pair of jeans from Mango (from an old collection) and my thrifted Golden Goose ankle Texan boots.

As every time that I wear a 80s piece I always add a pair of earrings of the same era (I love the big statement earrings of that decade!): this time I went for this big vintage golden clip hoop earrings that I bought many years ago from a vintage seller at the” Valeggio Veste il Vintage” event, after a long search of a pair exactly like these!

Rings: Indian vintage, Berber vintage and brass (cowrie + fertility doll) from Afrohemien.

The Ladybug Chronicles Purple Shirt (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Purple Shirt (2)

The Ladybug mixing mustard and olive

The Ladybug Chronicles Green and Yellow (1)

No strange food mixes there! Just me having fun with clothes as usual and trying new color combinations when getting dressed!

Since I received this beautiful 80s vintage shirt from Maison Retro (that I love for the incredible details and loose shape!) I have been thinking of how good the mustard color would match an olive green piece, until I remembered about my Aztec-afro printed dark green Marlene trousers handmade from Madame Ilary!

I was right! They were perfect together!!

The Ladybug Chronicles Green and Yellow (6)

The Ladybug Chronicles Green and Yellow (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Green and Yellow (4)

I added a mustard accessory and an olive green one: the dark yellow shoes with a 60s twist are new, handmade in Spain but designed in London from Miista (one of my new favorite shoe designers); the second accessory is my lovely dark green bag from L’Autre Chose, an Italian piece that I spotted during a sample sale in Milan last winter for one third of the original price!

Last but not least, I added a pair of Zara statement earrings that I bought in Sofia last year, also one of the rare pieces from Zara that I still have in my wardrobe!

What do you think of this combo?

The Ladybug Chronicles Green and Yellow (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Green and Yellow (5)

The Ladybug is an uncomfortable Arab Queen in Milan

The Ladybug Chronicles Arab Tunic (3)

One of my best sources for shopping clothing and homeware is traveling. I buy a lot when I am abroad, especially local handcrafted pieces and if possible vintage shopping. I also prepare a sort of tailored “shopping list” depending on the country before leaving and I cherish these pieces that are for me the most tangible memories: prints, jewels, fabrics, rugs, pillows, typical local clothing are on top of my list!

Although I traveled twice this year to an Arab country (Morocco and Jordan) I couldn’t find a good embroidered tunic: most of them were cheap and made for tourists, while I was looking for more authentic ones. Funny thing is that I found what I was looking for in Budapest, in a lovely vintage shop called Jajcica where I bought two vintage Arab tunics, beautifully embroidered and apparently authentic as they both have tags written in Arabic!

The Ladybug Chronicles Arab Tunic (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Arab Tunic (2)

One of them is the olive green pictured here that I wore on a Saturday morning in Milan: although I mixed it with modern “more European” pieces I was shocked to realize how people stared at me in the streets or on public transportation. Seriously, is an Arab tunic that scary? What’s strange if I like other cultures’ clothes and traditions and I’m not afraid to wear them? Honestly I really cannot stand when people try to make me feel uncomfortable with their looks when I am just being myself and no one can blame me for that!

Anyway, I matched it with a beautiful handmade turban from Madame Ilary and I made a contrast with my thrifted Golden Goose Texan ankle boots.

I also added brass handmade jewelry from Italian crafters Metalica Creazioni (earrings and ring) and Meraviglioz (dragonfly necklace).

It was also fun to take pictures in front of this tiny wooden door as I realized later that if you see the picture and you don’t know that I am in Milan, you can easily think that I am in the streets of Marrakech!

The Ladybug Chronicles Arab Tunic (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles Arab Tunic (1)

The Ladybug’s vintage outfit for the Naviglio Grande Antiques Market

The Ladybug Chronicles Antiques Market (1)

Every last Sunday of the month, the Navigli area of Milan is full of vintage stalls selling almost everything vintage: homeware, clothing, accessories, collectable etc. It is the biggest Antiques market in town and since I live here I try to go there every now and then (not too much because I would buy too many things!) just to walk, have a look and feel the vintage vibe.

I am sharing the outfit of my last visit two months ago now, where I enjoyed a lovely vintage stroll with Ilaria and bought a couple of things, of course! (A wonderful 40’s vintage brooch from my adored Déjàvu Vintage and a fabulous ethnic golden embroidered tunic that I fell in love with at very first sight!).

Usually I totally play dressed-up to visit the Naviglio Grande Antiques Market but this day I was more “down-to-earth” as I had a couple of things to do after the market. So I put a pair of Vans at my feet but the rest of the outfit is completely vintage: starting from this beautiful 70s ice-white coat that I found at Humana Vintage during my 70s coats hunt last autumn. I don’t usually wear such clear colors but I liked the shape too much and it was just 15 euros so I went for it. The good thing is that it goes almost with everything and it was perfect with my greyish 80s shirt with colored toucans that I found in Budapest in May at Retrock (possibly my favorite vintage shop in town with Jajcica!).

The Ladybug Chronicles Antiques Market (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Antiques Market (2)

Mum jeans are vintage inspired from Topshop, I found them in Edinburgh when I was searching for the perfect vintage mum jeans but I couldn’t find one that I liked until I saw this one in high street. It is not vintage but I like it a lot and I have been using it so much!

My turban is handmade from Madame Ilary, of course, and it was created with a fabric and an embroidery that I found in Amman, at the textile Souq where they sold the most beautiful Syrian fabrics and Jordan embroidery for ridiculous prices (a real paradise on earth!). I couldn’t resist that much and I bought so many things for me and for Ilaria!

Hoop earrings are from Gogo Philip, canvas tote from Marina Abramovic exhibit in Florence official merchandise (I got two beautiful canvas bags and the poster of the exhibit when we were there in February).

The Ladybug Chronicles Antiques Market (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles Antiques Market (3)

The Ladybug and a secret passion for vintage overalls

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Workwear (2)

When I announced that I wanted to buy a vintage blue overall, you know this type of men workwear that is used by people working in the garages (mostly mechanics) my friends stared at me as if I was announcing that I was pregnant! “What the hell are you going to do with that?” – they asked.

Well, just wear them; my style of course!

I was tempted to buy one in Japan where they are very trendy not only in the vintage shops but also new and in lovely colors (like baby blue or pink) but I was at the end of my trip and I already had two full suitcases to bring home, so I decided to wait a bit until I found my vintage perfect overall.

This happened not longtime ago on Depop where I found out that Tiziana, the owner of the beautiful shop Vintage Afro Picks has the same passion for overalls. She had a few in her shop (including a couple of new ones that she brought from Japan!) and my perfect one was just there, waiting for me: dark blue, with a long front zip, oversize and…discounted!!  I was a bit worried about the size because even if I got the measurements I wasn’t sure how it would fit but when I received it I was super happy because it was just perfect!!

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Workwear (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Workwear (1)

Here I am wearing it with a vintage inspired Mango denim jacket, handmade denim-like headband from Madame Ilary, vintage 70s bag from Lady Fusetti and baby blue New Balance sneakers.

Silver earrings are vintage from my grandma, silver rings are vintage Berber pieces that I found in Marrakech during my last trip.

What do you think of my vintage blue overall style? Yay or nay?

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Workwear (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Workwear (3)

The Ladybug names Budapest the vintage capital of Eastern Europe!

The Ladybug Chronicles Budapest (4)

There are three cities that I felt quite ashamed about not having visited them until very lately: one was Barcelona that I finally visited last year, another one was Prague where I went two years ago and the last one was Budapest where I spent a weekend with my friends in May. I don’t know why but they looked so obvious to me that I never felt like organizing a weekend there! They are not far from Milan, not expensive, I had to wait for someone to ask me to go there to eventually go there (except for Barcelona, that was my idea!). And I was wrong about them being obvious, because I loved the three of them.

For sure going to Budapest when I had still Jordan in my mind and heart was not easy but I really enjoyed this beautiful city on the Danube river, often called “Paris of the East”.

The city can be split in two big areas: Buda on the southern side of the Danube river and Pest on the northern side. We decided to dedicate one day to each of them as we had to full days to spend in town. We had the chance to have an apartment in the Gozsdu area where there is a lovely vintage and handmade weekend market during the weekends so we started the day with some local shopping before heading to the first vintage shop on my list: Jajcica, definitely one my favorite vintage shops in town. I spent hours trying amazing ethnic tunics and 60s dresses and I started my day with a bag full of incredible vintage pieces for bargain prices. Not too far is Lovebug Vintage, a concept store with mixed and contemporary pieces where I found some cute stuff and a beautiful vintage tapestry bag.  This was just the beginning of the vintage experience in Budapest, I really didn’t expect all this wonderful vintage here, so be prepared with a lot of space in your luggage for your vintage finds. Budapest is for me the capital of Vintage of the East!!

The Ladybug Chronicles Budapest (9)

The Ladybug Chronicles Budapest (1)

The Ladybug Chronicles Budapest (5)

After this great vintage preview we started our serious tour of the city along the river in Buda with a long walk to admire the incredible Budapest Parliament (it is better to see it from the other side of the river so that you can admire this amazing building in all its beauty) and all the beautiful buildings along the street before heading to the Castle, like the wonderful Szilagyi Dezso Teri Reformatus Templom.

We then reached the Castle with the Budavari Siklo, The Budapest Castle Hill Funicular opened 1870 and still running to admire the most beautiful view of Budapest from the hill. Don’t expect to find a real Castle there but enjoy the monuments that are part of the Castle district like the Royal Palace, the Matthias Church and, my very favorite, the Fisherman’s Bastion.

After a long day of walking and visiting we decided to have a proper relaxing evening at the famous Géllert Thermal Baths. This is one of the most interesting art nouveau buildings in Budapest (I was madly in love with the inside) and also a must-see if you want to understand how important is the thermal baths habit in Budapest. There are of course a lot of tourists but the many services offered (external and internal pools with different thermal waters, massages, sauna and iced water) make you understand how important it is in the city culture. Gellért is not the only historical thermal bath in Budapest, you can find many, maybe a bit less touristic but this is an institution and you cannot miss it!

The Ladybug Chronicles Budapest (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Budapest (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Budapest (6)

Second day of the weekend we spent it in Pest, my favorite area because of its many vintage shops, hipster bars and, more than everything, my adored Jewish Ghetto. But let’s start from the beginning: after a second tour at the Gozsdu Weekend market (where I decided to buy two beautiful vintage amber brooches!) we visited a couple of interesting vintage shops of Buda: Szputnyik is a mix of modern and vintage pieces (especially modern though) but they have a very vintage second store in the Jewish Ghetto (in Kiraly St.) that has incredible pieces (little bag from there with a skirt and a dress!); Retrock my favorite shop of day 2 with two floors of amazing vintage at very good prices (my second big bag this time!!), PSTR store where I spotted a lovely vintage skirt and shirt.

With my hands full of vintage like the day before, we started a proper visit of Buda starting with St. Sthepen’s Basilica and getting lost in the wonderful Jewish Ghetto with its decadent buildings, and beautiful synagogues, especially Dohany Street Synagogue, possibly my favorite building in town.

This is also the area of incredible places like Szimpla kert, one of the most famous bars of Budapest where there are so many things everywhere that it is almost impossible to describe it: I can only tell you that we didn’t even stop for a beer but spent a long moment there observing all the wall decorations and furniture because it was really mad!

If you are vegetarian there is not a lot to eat in town, I went for hummus and Langosh in the Jewish ghetto but also for different tastes of chimney cakes every time that I spotted a seller!!!

One last interesting tip: even if you can easily hang around in Budapest by walk or public transportation, we used a lot Taxify from/to the airport and to reach some vintage shops that were not very close. As in Bucharest it is super cheap and it works very well. So download the app if you don’t have it yet!

The Ladybug Chronicles Budapest (8)

The Ladybug Chronicles Budapest (11)

The Ladybug Chronicles Budapest (7)

The Ladybug Chronicles Budapest (10)

The Ladybug handmade choice of the day

The Ladybug Chronicles Green Pants (1)

If you follow me on my social media and on this blog you may know already about my mission on getting more and more sustainable especially when it comes to fashion.

If wearing vintage is a conscious and sustainable choice itself, I’m progressively trying to add more handmade and slow fashion pieces to my wardrobe and abandoning fast unethical fashion to a more conscious way of dressing. It is like what I am doing with food. But it is almost impossible to change this in a day, you need a path and follow it day by day making little steps to get there.

This outfit is an example of this path: I realized only later that everything that I am wearing here is made ethically, without human exploitation. I am very proud that I am getting there, I visit Mango and Zara every now and then but I am not obsessive like I was some years ago. I am gradually selling all my fast fashion pieces to give them new life and when I look at my wardrobe I mostly see vintage and handmade which makes me super proud.

The Ladybug Chronicles Green Pants (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Green Pants (6)

The Ladybug Chronicles Green Pants (3)

We can all do something for the planet and for the people living on it, starting from very little choices that we make every day.

I am wearing here handmade Madame Ilary military green Marlene trousers that I love so much for the African twist of this pattern and the softness of the fabric. Marlene pants are definitely among my favorite shapes from Madame Ilary as they have a 40s vibe that I adore and I have them in so many colors and patterns right now!! Also my turban comes from her talented hands, it’s a wonderful piece made with vintage lace and golden embroidery.

European made are also two other pieces that I am wearing: Ilove2love fringed leather jacket (British design) and L’Arianna yellow velvet flat shoes, Italian brand that I love for the great quality of their shoes and incredible customer service.

Also my beautiful dragonfly brass necklace is handmade by the lovely Italian designer Meraviglioz (it is a piece that she created for me!)  and my earrings come from Genny Pi in Milan (I love this shop because she works with Italian handcrafters and when you like a piece she tells you the story of the label and of the people who work on your handmade jewelry). By the way, all my rings are vintage or handmade by local crafters around the world!

The Ladybug Chronicles Green Pants (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Green Pants (4)

The Ladybug brainstorming moments with Madame Ilary

The Ladybug Chronicles HEKA Couture (2)

This is the easiest blog post ever: everything I wear is handmade with love by Madame Ilary, from head to toe! The embellished black turban, the silky black pants with belt and the amazing green top with silver Chinese decoration and embellished collar.

Almost every weekend I meet Ilaria for lunch and for a brainstorming session in her showroom in Milan: we talk about the ideas that we had during the week and how to make them come true, we share ideas on our jobs, we discuss fashion, fabrics, vintage and travels, we make new project and we take a lot of pictures!

The Ladybug Chronicles HEKA Couture (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles HEKA Couture (4)

I love to wear her new pieces just to see how they look like on me and sometimes I even buy them like I did for these black trousers that I love and I wear very often because I find them stylish and super comfortable at the same time!

I like the like-minded connection that we have and I love everything she does so I also share our outfits on my social media and blog!

As for my earrings they are handmade with love too but by Metalica Creazioni, from the magical hands of Francesca!

The Ladybug Chronicles HEKA Couture (1)

The Ladybug Chronicles HEKA Couture (5)

The Ladybug’s oldies but goodies

The Ladybug Chronicles MDW Outfit (1)

I know that it is super hot outside and that we are in summer but every now and then I find unpublished pictures that I want to share even if they are quite old and I am wearing a winter coat on them! Don’t hate me for that! Especially because my coat is vintage and because it is a sunny day of a few months ago during my first Milan Design Week full day.

I have shared already my 2019 Milan Design Week experience but we didn’t discuss about this mixed vintage outfit that I loved a lot because of the focus on one of my favorite color: dark fuchsia!

It is not a coincidence that I can match three pieces of the same color in one outfit: a handmade silk turban from Madame Ilary, a pair of Zara ankle boots and my adored Marc by Marc Jacobs creamy lipstick!

The Ladybug Chronicles MDW Outfit (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles MDW Outfit (4)

I wore this outfit for Antonio Marras exhibit at his showroom and for the opening of the second Milanese Humana Vintage shop in via De Amicis.

I also wore two of my favorite vintage pieces here: this beautiful “Sherlock Holmes cape” that I bought in Madrid last winter in the wonderful hipster and vintage neighborhood of Malasaña in a super cute shop called Le Freak Olé for a ridiculous price; and this AMAZING vintage wooden brooch from Déjà Vu that I found at the Naviglio Antiques Market in Milan!

Last but not least, I added my beautiful Bayside 84 vintage leather bag that you can wear both as a handbag and as a backpack.

Do you still hate me for that?! 

The Ladybug Chronicles MDW Outfit (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles MDW Outfit (5)

The Ladybug has a thing with vintage designer accessories

The Ladybug Chronicles Opherty Ciocci (1)

When I am asked about my style, I used to say that I loved mixing vintage, high street and designer pieces but things have slightly changed lately. In my constant search for fashion sustainability and ethics I am slowly abandoning high street like Topshop, Zara and Mango (although I buy something every now and then) to handmade and sustainable fashion, loving the fact that something has been created for myself only, that I know who made it and how it is made (without human exploitation) and using quality fabrics that last longer. Vintage is still my pillar, as well as designer pieces especially those I can afford, which means thrifted or vintage.

Lately I also developed a real passion for finding vintage designer pieces at bargain or accessible prices, for example at Humana Vintage or online from Opherty & Ciocci, where I got these two amazing accessories that I am wearing in this post: the vintage Yves Saint Laurent scarf (used as an headscarf) and the 70s Celine clutch. Both pieces are still available on their site for a very fair price.

The Ladybug Chronicles Opherty Ciocci (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Opherty Ciocci (5) 

The Ladybug Chronicles Opherty Ciocci (3)

My marine jacket with golden buttons is thrifted from a Salvation Army store in New York (I love charity shops!) for a few dollars, while my denim shirt with little pussybow is from Max&Co. It is a quite old collection, I have worn it a lot and I bought it during the summer sale session I think two years ago.

The military green trousers are part of my sustainable fashion turn: they are from 4.10, I love their fabric and shape but more than ever I love the fact that they are ethically made, in Italy. A piece of slow fashion and an example of amazing design, quality and respect of the environment and of people’s work. I really wish one day we could all afford more pieces like that.

90s inspired sneakers are from Dixie, hoop earrings are from Genny Pi in Milan.

The Ladybug Chronicles Opherty Ciocci (6)

The Ladybug Chronicles Opherty Ciocci (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles Opherty Ciocci (7)