The Ladybug’s outift from the Corporate Office to the Summer Festival

The Ladybug Chronicles Ben Harper (3)

This was my third Ben Harper’s concert: the first one was in France, the second one in Naples and the third one was the end of last month in Milan. It was during the so-called Milano Summer Festival at the Assago Arena and he was supported by his amazing band, The Innocent Criminals.

I’m not going to tell you how much I loved the concert (especially the acoustic part) and how magical this guy’s voice and guitar sound at the point that after three concerts I can’t get enough of his music (actually I just did tell you!) but I’m going to discuss here the outfit problems that you may face if you are going from a day in the office to a night at the festival with no stops at home!

First problem: shoes! If you prefer (like I do) heels during the day at work you may find it really uncomfortable to bring them with you to a summer festival where you need to walk and stand a lot and try to be as much comfortable as possible. That’s why I left my heels in the office and wore this pair of black pointy flats by Lolita Milano. Of course I lost a few centimeters (maybe more than a few!) but my feet were very happy and they thanked me for that! A pair of sneakers are perfect too (I used them for the D’Angelo concert at the Estathé Market Sound Festival a few weeks earlier).

The Ladybug Chronicles Ben Harper (1)

The Ladybug Chronicles Ben Harper (5)

Second problem: how to dress! If we would love to wear denim shorts and slouchy shirts just to feel a bit like at Coachella Festival, we better not leave the office dressed that way! A simple dress is always the answer: easy to accessorize and to wear, a simple black dress is always the right choice. I went for this black tunic dress by Cos and I love how it is versatile based on the accessories. I must confess that it looks completely different with heeled shoes but it is still cute with flats (maybe if I was taller…anyway…).

Third problem: the bag! If you have to spend the whole day around you need a proper spacious bag to contain all your stuff, including the crucial anti-mosquitoes spray if you are going to a summer festival – or any other open space – in Milan, make up, water, shoes (if you bring them with you), mobile, charger and so on. In my case it could only be my Miu Miu bag!

Fourth problem (only for vintage lovers): how to add our usual vintage touch! This is quite easy: turbans, headscarves, retro frames or jewelry, whatever we feel can make us feel like we have our vintage piece with us! I decided to wear a family vintage treasure: my grandma’s Indian vintage silver necklace, a statement piece that I wear pretty much with everything!

Once all these female problems are solved, you can just sit down, sip a beer and enjoy your amazing concert!

The Ladybug Chronicles Ben Harper (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Ben Harper (4)

The Ladybug, her BFFs, a motorbike, Spanish tapas and a 9am-9pm outfit

The Ladybug Chronciles motorbike Isola (5)

Every outfit has a story and this is the story of a special night out spent with my friends/colleagues a few weeks ago to celebrate the upcoming holidays and some random August birthdays (yes, mine too!).

We decided to spend it in one of our favorite venues, the Spanish tapas bar Ajoblanco in the Isola area of Milan, so I needed a perfect outfit both for a day at work and for the night aperitif, with a retro touch, of course!

The Ladybug Chronciles motorbike Isola (3)

The Ladybug Chronciles motorbike Isola (2)

I went for this lovely withe shirt with short sleeves from Cos and simple cigarette black trousers from & Other Stories, to which I added a pair of pointy heeled shoes from 8 (bought on Yoox, one of the best heeled shoes ever as they are high enough to make me look taller and comfortable enough to wear all day and even after!) and a retro touch with one of my favorite necklaces, a bakelite necklace from the French designer Marion Godart with houses and trees . Bag is Miu Miu.

The Ladybug Chronciles motorbike Isola (6)

The Ladybug Chronciles motorbike Isola (4)

Guest stars of the day are my friend Lily, a real biker with her incredible motorbike who accepted (both, Lily and the motorbike) to pose with me and my friend Simona rocking her new 80’s inspired blazer from La Maison Momoni. Now tell me, can I ask for more stylish BFFs?

The Ladybug Chronciles motorbike Isola (1)

The Ladybug Chronciles motorbike Isola (7)


The Ladybug visits the Fondazione Prada in Milan

The Ladybug Chronicles Fondazione Prada (5)

Before going on holiday, during one of those Milanese hottest July weekends I decided to get some good air-conditioning with my friend Ilaria in one of the most interesting new spaces in town, the Fondazione Prada new permanent venue in Milan. This institution, started in the ‘90s is completely dedicated to contemporary art and culture and inaugurated its new venue in Milan in May 2015.

We had enough time to visit all the permanent and temporary exhibitions and we were totally in a awe. The same architectural space is incredible: it combines seven existing buildings with three new structures (Podium, Cinema and Torre) and it is the result of the transformation of a distillery dating back to the 1910’s.

The Ladybug Chronicles Fondazione Prada (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Fondazione Prada (1)

The Ladybug Chronicles Fondazione Prada (11)

The Ladybug Chronicles Fondazione Prada (8)

The Haunted House hosts two of the most interesting permanent installations conceived by Robert Gober and two works by Louise Bourgeois. Processo Grottesco is another permanent installation by Thomas Demand.

Other temporary projects were: Serial Classic, focused on classical sculpture; the amazing An Introduction, a collection of modern art that apparently led to the opening of the Fondazione in the Galleria Sud until the Deposito area; Trittico defined as a “dynamic display strategy” in the Cisterna area and In Part, one of my favorite collections curated by Nicholas Cullinan and situated in the Galleria Nord.

The Ladybug Chronicles Fondazione Prada (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles Fondazione Prada (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Fondazione Prada (6)

The Ladybug Chronicles Fondazione Prada (7)

A separate mention has to be done for the most incredible area of the Fondazione Prada, the Bar Luce, accessible also from outside, designed by film director Wes Anderson and recreating the atmosphere of a typical Milanese café of the 50’s/60’s with patterned décor, pastel colors and a lovely pink juke-box!

We took some pictures around so that you can see what it looks like and visit it for real as the place is really worth a visit!

I wore a denim dungaree by & Other Stories, Dixie striped shirt, Miu Miu golden flats, Peter Pilotto for Target round frames and a canvas bag from The Vintage Festival in Padua.

The Ladybug Chronicles Fondazione Prada (9)

The Ladybug Chronicles Fondazione Prada (10)

The Ladybug’s tips if you cannot (always) wear vintage at work!

The Ladybug Chronicles pleat skirt (3)

When you are a vintage addicted but you work in a corporate office it is not easy to wear vintage every day. I do my best by adding a vintage accessory or piece mixed with designer or high street pieces, but lately I am rediscovering the sweet taste of handmade pieces with a retro touch.

I might start to share more outfits of this kind with retro inspired pieces usable for your 9 to 5 work just to add some ideas to solve your vintage everyday dilemma in front of the mirror with a wardrobe full of vintage pieces but none of them is suitable for work! I know we are mostly on holiday right now but that dilemma is there, waiting for us the same exact day we will need to go back to work!

The Ladybug Chronicles pleat skirt (1)

The Ladybug Chronicles pleat skirt (5)

Because my question is: why should we delete our own personality during the day, five days a week? I am a vintage gal but I respect my job, so here is the first of my retro inspired pieces that you can use at work.

The handmade skirt with big pleat in the middle is a perfect example: it is a piece that we can easily find in the late 60’s but that had its greatest moments in the 70’s and again in the 80’s. I loved the way it fitted the curvy bodies because it caresses the curves but the big pleat gives a kind of feeling of elevation and slenderness.

I picked up this handmade grey model created by Madame Ilary and I paired it with a simple with shirt by Cos (white, black grey and navy simple shirts are a must in the wardrobe to pair with statement vintage and retro pieces!), a pair of beige pointy heeled shoes by Les Lolitas Milano (just to add some more slenderness!) and a colorful beaded African necklace by Moschino to give an ethnic colored summer touch.

The black 80’s inspired bucket bag is Michael Kors and the diva black sunglasses are Celine.

More ideas soon on the blog in the meanwhile let me know what you think!

The Ladybug Chronicles pleat skirt (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles pleat skirt (4)

The Ladybug’s happy Summer Jamboree 2015

The Ladybug Chronicles Summer Jamboree 2015 (3)-001

What more can be said about Senigallia Summer Jamboree?

I guess that if you follow my blog and if you love vintage, wherever you live in the world, you know everything about it! For me is the impossible-to-miss summer event: I love so much the atmosphere that I spend the winter months daydreaming of my so desired few days in Senigallia! I can call it my second home now as, after three consecutive years I know the place quite well and I already have my little favorites (my beach, my restaurants, my friends, my beer). Still I can’t get enough of my favorite vintage event in Italy: the live music and dancing all along the city center, the crowd of vintage people, the happy and relaxed atmosphere, the pinups at the beach, the vintage cars, everything makes you feel like living in another place and another era and you know how much I love the 40’s and 50’s! Themed parties, burlesque shows, live concerts on different stages, dance classes and an incredible vintage markets with the best vintage retailers where you can also get your vintage hairdo or makeup!

The Ladybug Chronicles Summer Jamboree 2015 (4)-001

The Ladybug Chronicles Summer Jamboree 2015 (1)-001

I love getting dressed for the event, walking and meeting all my favorite vintage sellers and friends, sipping a beer and trying some swing and rock and roll steps (even if I am still not able to dance!) and just enjoying the priceless atmosphere!

This year I could only spend one day at the Summer Jamboree but I lived it all from the beach time (in a vintage style with a 40’s inspired Frida Querida one piece) to the night out wearing a special outfit especially created for me for the event by the fabulous Madame Ilary who made my beautiful high waisted navy trousers with golden buttons paired with navy asymmetric turban decorated with pearls.

The Ladybug Chronicles Summer Jamboree 2015 (2)-001

I added a striped Dixie top, my Swedish Hasbeens clogs-sandals and my genuine 40’s vintage straw bag from Vintage Galerija in Ljubljana.

As for the last picture, if you look attentively at the mirror you can see one of the most original ideas that I discovered at the Summer Jamboree this year, at my friend Marco from Opherty & Ciocci incredible stall: it is made from a vintage Spalding wooden tennis racket! I loved the idea and I will definitely steal it as I have one of this rare rackets at home!

The Ladybug Chronicles Summer Jamboree 2015 (5)-001

The Ladybug’s vintage tee for a casual Sunday brunch

The Ladybug Chronicles Sunday Brunch (3)

Since I live in Milan, one of the things that I do most is spending Sunday mornings having brunch with my friends.

I often don’t have enough time during the week to have a good talk and an aperitif with them, but a Sunday brunch is perfect to enjoy good food and good company and Milan is full of great places to spend a lovely, lazy Sunday morning and to have a proper brunch!

This time the choice was California Bakery (who can resist its bagels and pancakes? Not me!) but I asked my friend to take a few shots of me as I was wearing a very causal outfit with a vintage piece that I adore!

The Ladybug Chronicles Sunday Brunch (2)

The piece is this Rolling Stones concert tee that I got for 3 quid in a charity shop in London a few years ago and that I paired with a 70’s inspired Zara denim buttoned mini skirt.

I added a Michael Kors bucket bag, Nike for & Other Stories white sneakers (I almost live with them on my feet even if it took me ages to buy a pair of white sneakers!!) and Valentino round sunnies.

The Ladybug Chronicles Sunday Brunch (1)

The Ladybug on why Running is a serious thing: the Fluo Run in Milan

The Ladybug Chronicles Fluo Run Milan (4)

Since I started running and enjoying the loads of runs happening during the year in Milan, I started a kind of personal list of my favorite ones. Those with the best course, or the ones with the most interesting goodie bags and tees, and so on. This may be the reason why this year we are trying many different runs, just to have an idea of how they feel and to make sure that we just pick our favorite ones!

I must confess that I was not impressed by what we call the “fun runs”, meaning those runs where the funny part of it is more important than the running itself. The reason of my lack of interest was the fact that all those funny things (you getting colored with powders or you hanging around in fluorescent bracelets and heart-shaped glasses) could just distract you from your real objective: running (possibly fast). Running itself is a funny thing to me and I don’t feel the need of disguising myself to make it funnier.

The Ladybug Chronicles Fluo Run Milan (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Fluo Run Milan (3)

This is why when my friend Marina insisted for running the Fluo Run in Milan I wasn’t sure it was a good idea but I accepted anyway just because we couldn’t run the Energizer together so it was “fun” to share a night run together in Parco Sempione.

Maybe it’s because I was distracted by the funny side of it, maybe it was the heat (and the mosquitoes) or even my fluorescent gadgets but I didn’t run my best time, even though I enjoyed the run pretty much! I must say that it was a good practice and that the Japanese food following the run was the best part of it!

Once the Fluo Run is done, now I want to see who will convince me to run the next Color Run…(hard job!)

The Ladybug Chronicles Fluo Run Milan (1)

The Ladybug Chronicles Fluo Run Milan (2)

The Ladybug answers THE question: did you visit EXPO?

The Ladybug Chronicles EXPO Milano  (9)

If you live in Milan I’m pretty sure that the most frequently asked question you have answered in the last few months is always the same: did you visit EXPO? It happens at least once a day and it may come from a friend, a colleague, someone you meet in the subway, your family and friends leaving somewhere else, the owner of the bar where you use to get your coffee in the morning: the question is there and you need an answer! Also you need to get prepared for a second question coming in case of affirmative answer: How is it?

Well, as I had to cope with this question for the last few months I decided that, as EXPO happens in my town and it is “just around the corner” I had at least to step in and see what it was all about!

The Ladybug Chronicles EXPO Milano  (1)

The Ladybug Chronicles EXPO Milano  (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles EXPO Milano  (6)

The occasion came a few weeks ago, when we organized a ladies night out with my colleagues to go to EXPO in the evening to watch “Alla Vita!”, the Cirque du Soleil show especially created for the EXPO: it is a one-hour show at the open air theatre and if you haven’t seen it yet and have never watched a Cirque du Soleil show before you can’t miss it (you have time until the 31st of August). You can admire the dancers, acrobats and artists who made the history of Cirque du Soleil and believe me, the show is really worth a visit!

At the same time you can take advantage of the five-euro ticket for the night entry to have a look around and see what EXPO is, while sipping a Colombian mojito or eating Belgian fries with your friends! You can also take pictures at the China, Ghana or Nepal pavilions or get lost in the colors and scents from your motherland (yes, I needed to have a look at the Sicilian pavilion!). Of course the main attraction remains the famous Tree of Life, incredible at night with its colored lightening; I guess you have seen it in pictures everywhere but I must confess that seeing it for real is an experience!

The Ladybug Chronicles EXPO Milano  (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles EXPO Milano  (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles EXPO Milano  (5)

If my answer to the (in)famous question is then “Yes”, I’m not sure that I’m really prepared for the second one: How is it? As I didn’t spend too much time there and only had a quick look around before the show I allowed myself a second chance for a whole day, just to make sure that I can give a serious advice while answering the second question; in the meanwhile I just answer: “Seems cool!”

As I wanted to do EXPO in a vintage style, I wore a lovely dress from Episode Vintage in Bruxelles, Lazzari shoes, Michael Kors bucket bag, Topshop belt and Valentino sunglasses.

Be sure that I will share my second “serious” visit here but now I want to know: did you visit EXPO? And…how is it? ;)

The Ladybug Chronicles EXPO Milano  (8)

The Ladybug Chronicles EXPO Milano  (7)

The Ladybug Chronicles EXPO Milano  (10)

The Ladybug goes “Untitled” (How does it feel…)

D'Angelo (7)

Year 2000. I was still a student at University. One afternoon, during a break from preparing an exam, I decided to make a cup of tea. Kettle on, television on (on MTV, of course!)…a new music video launches: Untitled (How does it feel) by D’Angelo. I remember that I needed a chair and started staring at the screen with some pleasure and desire during the whole song. I think that I will never forget that day for the rest of my life. It was the day I decided that D’Angelo was the hottest man alive on earth and I haven’t changed my mind in the last 15 years, although he became almost unrecognizable for a while!

D'Angelo (1)

D'Angelo (5)

D'Angelo (6)

Since then I had the urgent need to see him in concert somewhere (which failed to happen a few years ago in London) but I had to wait until a few weeks ago, when he performed in Milan at the Estathé Market Sound Festival. It was one of the hottest days of the year but nothing could stop me from being there! The concert was great, even if a bit short, and his voice really incredible! Let me say that the best moment of the show was the end, when he performed a long version (almost 15 minutes) of Untitled causing fainting, shivering and for sure greatest pleasure!

D'Angelo (4)

D'Angelo (8)

D'Angelo (9)

I wore a black dress by COS, Nike 4 & Other Stories white sneakers, vintage red quilted bag by Frendo Vintage and a Marc by Marc Jacobs cherry necklace-watch.

D'Angelo (2)

D'Angelo (3)

D'Angelo (10)

The Ladybug’s first “marketing” experience: East Market Milano with Madame Ilary

The Ladybug Chronicles East Market Milano (1)

In the last two years I have been asked tons of times why I didn’t start selling “for real” instead of only selling my vintage and thrifted goods online. I have been asked if I wanted to open a shop or if I thought of selling during vintage markets and events. My answer is yes! I still dream of having a vintage shop or of having enough space in my house to keep all my vintage and thrifted collection in a storage room and to bring it around during the weekends and selling it at funny markets all around Italy.

Still, as I’m not working on it for the next future, I am keeping open my Ebay shop (btw feel free to have a look at it whenever you want – you can find the direct link in the Contact page) and I am enjoying the online selling which allows you sometimes to start new virtual friendships all over the world!

The Ladybug Chronicles East Market Milano (3)

At the same time, when my friend Ilaria from Madame Ilary asked me to share a stall with her at the East Market in Milan I couldn’t say no, for many different reason: first of all it was a “first” for both and I really wanted to make this experience with her as we often talked about that; it was a way to test our business and see how it worked “in the street”; secondly the place was really perfect: the area of Lambrate where the market takes place is vibrant and full of life lately and I thought it was perfect for our “launch”; last but not least, the East Market is for sure one of my favorite markets in Milan: full of interesting people, street food, flower market and a beautiful area outside to eat, drink and chat.

The Ladybug Chronicles East Market Milano (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles East Market Milano (2)

I wasn’t wrong as we enjoyed the experience pretty much and we had a lot of fun even if we felt like the beginners of the market as most of stallers were way more experienced than us! Still it was the occasion to meet new people, to find old friends (like my beloved Francesca from Metalica who had a stall not far from us!) and to sell some vintage accessories and the wonderful handmade turbans made by Ilaria. The atmosphere was really interesting, a lot of people of different age, interests and style, a kind of potpourri that I appreciated a lot, definitely a great experience!

This means that you better watch out as you will probably see me around again in a market near you…in the meanwhile keep having a look at my Ebay shop!

I wore Dixie black culottes, Topshop white shirt, vintage bag by Frendo Vintage, New Balance sneakers, Nepalese silver necklace and handmade African turban by Madame Ilary.

The Ladybug Chronicles East Market Milano (4)