The Ladybug Lives in a Wickedly Global Community: Yes, I Met Sammy Davis!

Nearly one year ago I started The Ladybug Chronicles blog (don’t worry there will be proper celebration!) and I was totally unaware of what was going to happen and how this was going to change my life.

I don’t mean economically or practically because I still have my job and earn the same money- I mean more intrinsically. Yes, many things have changed in this last year even if everything still looks the same.

The Ladybug Chronicles opened me up to the world (as if it was needed!!) just by sitting at my table and typing on my computer- like I’m doing now!

A few weeks ago somebody asked me how vintage changed my life: well; to answer your question, this is how it’s changed my life! There are tons of people all over the world that share my same passion and most of them are amazing! They’ve taught and continue to teach me a bunch of things.  And in a certain way, they have inspired me to plan trips just to meet them (like my last trip to London) or to include them in my itinerary (like the recent trips to Florence & New York). Vintage has also introduced me to the real meaning of “6 degrees of separation” by constantly putting new people in my path.  Many of them have or will become friends with whom I share life, lessons, smiles and thoughts. This is a gift, probably the most precious gift, that The Ladybug Chronicles offered to me.

The person who asked me this question and with whom I’ve shared in the reality of my response with is… Sammy!

I simply say Sammy because I’m pretty sure most of you know exactly who I am talking about.

Sammy Davis is the lovely vintage writer of Sammy Davis Vintage ( expert of vintage style and fashion and manager of the adorable boutique “A little Wicked” on Houston Street in New York City.

Well before starting my own, I’d been an avid reader of her blog. There I find great information on vintage clothing and inspiration on wearing vintage and thrift finds, and when I decided to contact her and share my thoughts and passion about vintage- I found her to be well-disposed and quite the Guru.

A few months after initiating these friendly correspondences; I was in New York, and stopped by the shop for this culminative meeting we’ve been talking about since we first connected!

We did a lot of chatting. She styled me is some amazing vintage outfits… and of course, I bought some great vintage stuff!
(See above my “try before you buy” pic of the lovely vintage red dress from Saks 5th Avenue I posted about wearing to my friend’s wedding and these amazing tan cowboy boots below)

But the greatest moment I shared with Sammy was when we chilled outside of the store for a nice chat on vintage, New York and thrifting.

…And there’s even better news… it was all caught on film! – or digital …what would you call that?  Anyway, enjoy it as much as we enjoyed the moment!

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