The Ladybug is Raised to the Rank of Viscountess in the House of Field

Patricia Field has been the fierce stylist of the most stylish TV series and movies: not only SATC but also Ugly Betty, Confessions of a Shopaholic and The Devil Wears Prada just to mention a few. She represents the bold style of New York.

As I mentioned in my last post about the Sex & the City tour in New York, we only passed by the iconic stylist of the both the TV series and the movies’ shop: Patricia Field on Bowery Street.

But passing by was not good enough for me, considering that I’ve been wanting to visit her New York shop for about ten years! Patricia Field represents, for me, the joy of getting dressed and styling ourselves or the others- the boldness of being who we are without fear or inhibitions in showing that we’re not average and don’t fit in the crowd but we stand out courageously. Through her styling, she taught me to mix and match: to wear what makes me feel good, not to be afraid of colors, eccentricity and sexy. I learned from her that nothing will fit me better than an outfit that gives me joy because I enjoyed creating it.

When I hear people complaining about not finding the perfect shoes that match their bag, or stressing about how to get dressed- I always remember her lesson: stress, complaint, matching and sadness are not allowed when it comes to “style.” Let blossom the person that you are… whoever you are!

I was amazed when I finally found her shop on Bowery Street (the new one, on the same street, was still “work in progress”) because of all the wonder there! It really felt like a place where you could be free to be who you were. People who worked there represented very well this concept: no uniforms but real amazing people expressing their real personalites. The shop was conceived, in part, as a disco club and indeed it was a party of colors, eccentric and sexy objects, amazing prints and a lot of inspiration for your creativity!

You can see (and buy!) most of her stuff directly from the site:

I couldn’t leave without taking some pictures, making some purchases (a skull bracelet and a big iconic canvas bag that I love – I loved it more when it saved me from paying $275.00 at the airport on my way back to Italy!) and looking for Patricia! They told she wasn’t there, but with a wink and a smile- alluded that she was styling her new shop just a few doors down!

I look foward to returning to the new store for fresh inspiration with new friends (KNAGUI would some day like to organize TLC Vintage Vacations… for now he’s processed the paperwork to trademark the name), and a coveted meeting with Ms. Field.

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