The Ladybug Rode the Gospel Train to Vintage Heaven… and It’s in Brooklyn, NY

It has been 4 months now, but as you can see my heart is still in New York and it has no intention of coming back!

It was such an amazing trip that I find it hard not to still talk about. Indeed, there is still a lot to say. For a vintage and thrift lover, New York is absolutely THE city, but let me say that my heart was completely held by Brooklyn, so expect a few posts about it!

Not only is it, in my opinion, one of the most extraordinary and characteristic places I’ve ever seen- Brooklyn is also a real paradise for vintage lovers! The whole area of Williamsburg is a delirium of bars, people and vintage shops!

One of these  is considered the King or should I say the Queen of Vintage Shops in Brooklyn: Stella Dallas, a huge Japanese store with some of the best vintage pieces in town. Let me tell you that I headed in 30 minutes before the closing hour (which helped limiting the damages!) so that I could spend very little time and I kind of regretted it because it was the kind of shop where you must spend at least a few hours! But 30 minutes was enough to buy these two lovely ’80s shirts that I adore!

The prices are average and mostly fair and this big shop was full of gems! Don’t miss it if you are in the area because it is really worth your time and don’t be afraid of spending both your time and money there… you’re sure to find unique pieces that you will wear forever!

For a late vintage shopping night I also advise you visit Beacon’s Closet, in the same area (10 minute walk) and it is open until 9pm.

Earlier that morning I read about this big shop in a free newspaper at the Brooklyn museum, so I decided to have a look! The shop is very big and always full of people and it is half vintage/half thrift shop (if this is a proper definition!) because you can find vintage pieces and thrifted ones, but the prices are very good and the way they ordered the space by colors is absolutely adorable!

Of course, I found something to buy here too: a pair of electric blue ’80s heels and a vintage enamel hand-painted necklace.

There were a few dress that I would have bought too, but they were too small for my curves!

I just mentioned these two shops but, really… Williamsburg is full of little gems! Take at least a day to walk in the area… you’ll love it like I did (and you’ll spend some good money, I guarantee it!)

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