The Ladybug and… The ’80s

As announced in my last post, here is the third of my ’80s vintage dresses that I bought at (Sous) Vintage Shop in Milan during my house hunting last June!

As you read (and saw!), I visited this amazing vintage shop in Milan. I am one of those few vintage lovers in love with the ’80s! I can’t say that it is my favorite era, but for sure “boldness” was its (and my!) motto! What about Grace Jones, for example? She was, for me, the perfect representation of fashion (and music) of that decade and I still consider her a source of inspiration.

One of the reasons why I love ’80s fashion is the pop of bold colors like the bright purple of this simple dress that I ADORE! And the color is not the only reason why I love it: it’s just easy and smart and depending on the accessories- it can be adapted to many different events and occasions.

On this sunny summer morning on the Southern Coast, I decided to wear it with a H&M skinny belt, vintage ’70s bangles and vintage suede pink wedges (and nails!).

As for the last bold touched, I’m wearing a deep fuchsia Chanel lipstick. Viva gli ’80s!

[photo credit: KNAGUI]

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