The Ladybug and the Chronicle of Compulsive Shopping at the… Outlet?


Another sale season came upon us here in Italy earlier this month and I was looking forward to it, and I found it the weekend after the first sales. But finding myself in the middle of a mad battery of buying, I destroyed shopping snob cliché about myself. The cliché being that I’m not an outlet girl!

It took a while for some friends of mine to convince me to visit the famous Serravalle Designer Outlet. Less than an hour outside of Milan, on a grey Saturday morning, we decided- it was the perfect day to spend at this nice outlet.


I usually don’t go to outlets because I am not a fan of most of outlet’s brands. I hate making compulsory shopping with too many other compulsory shoppers and bla bla bla… but you know what? This was bullshit! I was happy as hell and I shopped no-stop for 8 amazing hours!!!

I know, I’m a woman after all!

Serravalle’s Outlet is a real little city with shops, bars and restaurants where you can find all the biggest designers and high street brands, from luxury to sportswear, clothing, accessories and home-ware… a real paradise for compulsive shoppers and shopaholics!


I was a bit shy and out of place at first, but after I realized it was the Vintage Festival event that month, I immediately felt more comfortable and confident and immediately went into Prada, just to leave half of my pay there! It wasn’t very smart, but this is what they call compulsory shopping right?!

Now, let’s be serious: how can you resist Prada shoes at 50-70% off? I HAD to get these two amazing pair of sandals in navy suede and black leather!



And what about these ’50s inspired shades still from Prada?


Also, being the beginning of summer I couldn’t say “no” to this lovely swimsuit from Miss Bikini with retro lips!


As you may imagine my biggest joy was finding A.N.G.E.L.O.’s temporary store in Serravalle! They were celebrating the vintage event at the outlet with a beautiful temporary store (where I spent a lot of time trying beautiful vintage clothing and bikinis!) and an iconic vintage expo with the “best of” their pieces related to a vintage icon. Of course, I also managed to buy a vintage polka dot shirt!



No need to show you here all my swimming/fitness shopping as I don’t want to be monotonous, but believe me when I tell you that it was very hard to fit all our bags in the car nor was it easy to tell which bags belonged to whom at the end of the day! But there was a huge smile on my face when, albeit I was completely tired from the long day, I put everything neatly in my wardrobe!

I too was vintage themed in my outfit for the day. I got this beautiful vintage red and white striped dress on Ebay a few years ago and I paired it with retro inspired sandals from Les Lolitas, my new Balenciaga red handbag and a pair of vintage Yves Saint Laurent frames that I showed you when I got them in Reggio Emilia vintage fair a few months ago.


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