The Ladybug Brings Hawaiian Style to Beautiful Conero Beach: “Buon Aloha”

Definitely, one of the smartest decisions I made this summer was to take multiple short holidays. This had two great advantages: I traveled a lot and I felt as if I were always on vacation even during my “work breaks!” We’ll talk in more detail next week about the Summer Jamboree that I attended a few weeks ago in Senigallia, but for now let me just say that this was a great occasion to become aquainted with a region of Italy that I wasn’t very aware of: Marche.

Ladybug 3480

Ladybug 3483

During the day my friend and I decided to visit the famous area of Conero. With its beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise sea, it was a drastic contrast from the Northern Adriatic Sea that I knew of from my University years (I was an aficionado of the noisy Riviera Romagnola!).

Ladybug 3484

Ladybug 3486

I took inspiration from the Hawaiian inspired parties of the Summer Jamboree for this beach outfit. I’m wearing a hibiscus printed dress (from an old Kate Moss for Topshop collection), my Ipanema flip-flops and a white hibiscus in my hair! I completed the look with a one of the finds from last month’s Serravalle Outlet shopping marathon: a pair of ’50s inspired Prada sunglasses from last year’s collection! I hope that you like the simple yet funny beach outfit and the amazing landscape!

Ladybug 3488

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