The Ladybug Says, “Farewell My Summer Love” in Cinque Terre (Liguria)


When I came back from Corsica, I couldn’t resign to the city life and the upcoming cold season… so; I offered myself an opportunity to squeeze the last bit of summer sun near the famous and wonderful area of Cinque Terre in Liguria during the last weekend of September.

We found a very small and difficult to access beach, with wonderful transparent water, just a few neighbors and great place for snorkeling (an activity I was longing to experience again from my visit to Corsica that I have yet to stop thinking about!).

I wasn’t aware of this part of Liguria, but its being such a rough and incredible place for underwater nature lovers made me add it to one of my favorite places in Italy… oh, did I mention the food??!



For the day, I wore a vintage blue Mexican blouse found on Ebay and a pair of vintage denim shorts bought at Topshop vintage corner.



For my night out, I went for my new vintage Laura Ashley dress: it’s a beautiful striped red and white dress with a knotted white collar that I bought from my new friends Fermata d’Autobus in Senigallia during the Summer Jamboree… isn’t it amazing? One of my favorite finds ever! I added a vintage red quilted bag from Frendo Vintage in Naples, a pair of black and white striped wedges from Zara and a lovely silver and red cuff (and ring) that I bought in Corsica.


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