The Ladybug Dances with the Devil in a Blue Dress By the Sea

Ladybug Chronicles_6304

I think that you know how I am now: it’s happened so many times that you now must be used to this…

I’m talking about the many times I’ve posted outfits from months ago simply because I forgot them in some folder and hadn’t thought about the shoot again (or to put the blame on someone else, KNAGUI makes me “model” way too much when he visits). Then it happens that some distant day (yes, especially on Sundays!), I surf through my old pics and I find things that were “lost.”

Ladybug Chronicles_6301

Ladybug Chronicles_6299

Like this outfit, from my Christmas visit in Sicily, on a balcony the sea in the background.

I am wearing head-to-toe vintage again: in particular, a blue velvet dress with a generous lace V neckline that I bought last year at Humana Vintage in Milan.

I paired it with a beautiful pair of Bruno Magli brown shoes that I bought in the ’90s (during my University trips to the luxurious Riccione!) that I found at home in a forgotten box! What a shame!

Ladybug Chronicles_6295

Ladybug Chronicles_6290

I mean… I can forget the pictures, but the shoes………………???

My sister gave me a pair of handmade blue earrings to complete the look!

[photo credit: KNAGUI]

Ladybug Chronicles_6271

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