The Ladybug is a Happy Blogger Among Happy Bloggers at Arsenale Vintage Market in Verona

Ladybug Chronicles-1346

It all started a month ago, in Padua, during my shopping session at the Padova Vintage Festival, while I was buying a lovely vintage ’80s cardigan from Deuda Vintage- and more precisely, its founder (vintage collector and vintage events curator) Leonardo Chiti.

“So you are a vintage blogger?,” he said, “I have something that may interest you.” He told me that he was one of the organizers of the very famous Arsenale Vintage Market in Verona, with the “Associazione Culturale Retrobottega.”  I have never been to AVM before, but I heard a lot about it because it’s one of the most interesting emerging vintage festivals in Italy of the last few years. He also told me that they were creating a very special event for the seventh edition at the end of October that would be dedicated to the bloggers, journalists and stylist; so, if I was interested… Of course I was, and a few weeks later I received an invitation to Arsenale Vintage Market as a blogger for the very special Vintage Tour Blogger created and deliciously held by Sara Biondi (News Eventi Como).

It was such a great thing to share this amazing experience with other bloggers of different areas, background and history, and meet them all in this special area completely dedicated to us, the “Vintage Concept Sofa.” The VCS is a wonderful retro space created by Matteo Agresti of AM Florence, an awesome artist specialized in vintage remakes. In this beautiful and intimate space we could tell a bit more about ourselves and our blogs and share our views, experiences and ideas on blogging, vintage, fashion and many other subjects.

Ladybug Chronicles-4517

Ladybug Chronicles-4526

We had the chance to make a very personal tour around the two big pavilions of the AVM and meet the amazing stallers of the fair: mostly vintage dealers and sellers or handmade artists. I met old friends like Dorotea Vintage, Magnifica Preda, Camden Town, Shabby Chic, Lamù Vintage, Stondo etc., and new ones like the lovely Valentina from Déjà Vu, Maurizio from Maustore Vintage or Michela the artist of Lumière Bijoux.

During my tour I took some pictures with some of my favorite pieces, like this amazing hat from Stondo Firenze (for the first time I didn’t get any of their beautiful hats… also because I think my hatbox already holds pretty much their whole collection!!)

Ladybug Chronicles-4682

Or this beautiful fuchsia vintage coat with fur collar from Maustore Vintage…

Ladybug Chronicles-4685

Ladybug Chronicles-4681

We also had the chance to pick from one of our favorite sellers’, pieces to wear and make a vintage photo-shoot with our best-loved piece: I chose a wonderful vintage cream and navy dress from my adored Dorotea Vintage. We then took some pictures inside the fair (lovely vintage décor!) and together of course!!

Ladybug Chronicles-5094

Ladybug Chronicles-4679

Ladybug Chronicles-4675

As you may notice my hair and makeup is done completely different from my arrival: four of us bloggers had the opportunity to get a burlesque inspired hairdo and makeup session with the lovely Ilenia from Capelli di Stile: it was perfect timing for some pictures and a funny interview with Ilaria from Vintage Lovers & More at the AVM Live Radio, the official radio of AVM.

Ladybug Chronicles-4547

Ladybug Chronicles-4561

Ladybug Chronicles-4618

Ladybug Chronicles-4657

A lot of different activities like: late afternoon live music, a car expo and various workshops were just a few of the many options for the lucky visitors of this edition of Arsenale Vintage Market.

I must say that I had a blast there and I enjoyed not only the company of my fellow bloggers, but the whole organization and atmosphere of my first Arsenale Vintage Market!

Ladybug Chronicles-4634

Oh… I forgot to share my finds of the day (which, believe it or not can all fit in one picture!): a poster from a 1939 Vogue’s cover and a Pop Art book from Happy Books and a lovely handmade heart ring from Lumiere Bijoux!

Ladybug Chronicles-4750

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