The Ladybug Hears the Call in the Distance, “The Red Hat Is Coming, The Red Hat Is Coming!”

Ladybug Chronicles-05997

Last week we talked about my visit to VintageMania in Bassano del Grappa and today I want to share with you my funny outfit for the occasion!

The key piece of the ensemble is the lovely dark red 1940s hat that I bought in London at Retromania during my last visit there: I was ravished by the unusual shape and the price was really interesting (only 10 pounds!), so I decided to let this “red coat” invade my hat box.

Ladybug Chronicles-06002

Ladybug Chronicles-06007

Ladybug Chronicles-06012

I must say: it is not very easy to wear because it commands the spotlight; for this reason I need to pay attention to the rest of the outfit and try not to overstate the piece!

Indeed I paired it with a simple cotton black sweater from Mango and a long black chiffon skirt from American Apparel. You can see my DIY white silk peter pan collar and my red studded ankle boots.

I then added my black small Balenciaga bag and a small silver and red ring that I bought last summer in Corsica… what do you think?

Pictures are taken outside the Villa Giusti in the nice garden around the villa.

Ladybug Chronicles-06022

Ladybug Chronicles-06023

Ladybug Chronicles-06026

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