The Ladybug is Spellbound by Paulo Coelho at the Duomo


A bit more than a month ago I had a very strange and unexpected present from a friend.

He said: tonight is going to be magic… and took me straight to the Duomo. It was a rainy and very cold night in Milan, but I decided not to be a sourpuss and accepted the surprise.



We had special seats in front of the altar where a piano was placed, but the piano wasn’t my real surprise especially since the first guest wasn’t going to play… he was going to talk.

I was very happy when I realized,  from excerpts of books on the tables, that the speaker was the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho. In his last book, “Manuscript Found in Accra,” peace among people of the world and dialogue are the keys of lecture and he came to Milan to talk about Peace in the spectacular frame of the Duomo by night.


The Ladybug Chronicles-05882

Before starting his beautiful lecture, he received a special prize for his ten million copies sold in Italy.

There was also time for praying and listening to the talented Iranian pianist Ramin Bahrami… and for a late tasty burger at Mama Burger!

I wore Zara yellow jacket,  boyfriend coat and lips umbrella, Max&Co black harem pants, handbag and boots, Kor@Kor white shirt and white accessories: Marni for H&M bakelite earrings and Buttons’ vintage button ring.


The Ladybug Chronicles-05889

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