The Ladybug is a Vintage Reader at the Salone del Libro Usato in Milan

The Ladybug Chronicles-5044

Living in Milan, one of the events that I really cannot miss is the Used/Vintage Book Expo. I enjoyed it so much last year (I still remember that day was the first snow of the season!) that I couldn’t wait for this year’s event which would happen during the last weekend of November.

The Ladybug Chronicles-5035

The Ladybug Chronicles-5057

This year things were a little bit different: first, the location (one of side pavilions of the Milanocity Fiera) was not as beautiful as it was last year.  I also noticed there were few more antique book collectors compared to the year before.

I love those big volumes full of dust- that smell, the history…, but I prefer less vintage finds in this instance… like comics or just used books at ridiculous prices!

The Ladybug Chronicles-5047

The Ladybug Chronicles-5060

The Ladybug Chronicles-5059

My friend Silvia was visiting during that weekend and we took some time to play at the little playground near the Fair… I wore a Twenty8Twelve taupe military jacket with an H&M black sweater and leather midi skirt. I added black man brogues from Marco and my small Balenciaga handbag.

The Ladybug Chronicles-5052

The Ladybug Chronicles-5051

This year I found some old Valentina comics (I was so happy because after her expo last summer, I wanted to read so much more about her!) and three used books for 2 euros each: my beloved American writer, James Baldwin; one of my favorite French writers, Jean-Claude Izzo, and my favorite book from University, Maruja Torres’ Amor America.The Ladybug Chronicles-5062

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