The Ladybug’s Vintage Memories of Sicily…

The Ladybug Chronicles-6960

If you expected to find pictures of a very young Ladybug, I am sorry to disappoint you… I didn’t mean THAT vintage!

But as I decided, this year, to fully enjoy my Christmas holiday with my family and friends here in Sicily without outfits or blog posts (ok, this is not completely true… there will actually be some!), I figured I’d share one of my “Sicilian” Christmas outfits from last year.

The Ladybug Chronicles-6946

The Ladybug Chronicles-6949

The Ladybug Chronicles-6941

I am wearing one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe: a navy and white ’80s polka dot dress with a marine collar and a beautiful red ribbon that I bought a bit more than a year ago in my beloved Humana Vintage in Milan.

It was a warm yet windy day, so I kept it simple with dark tights and a wonderful pair of black Rag and Bone Newbury ankle boots and Kiko dark red lipstick.

The Ladybug Chronicles-6945

The Ladybug Chronicles-6938

The Ladybug Chronicles-6932

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