Soul Sunday with KNAGUI: Kate Nash Came to Town

The Ladybug Chronicles-2158Well hello, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I’m sorry for my absence, but as you know- I am an “artist” and I had to get out on the road and make that bread!  This winter’s tour of the Soul of Gospel Revue was incredibly amazing and actually, The Ladybug is going to tell you more about it.  At any rate, I’m here to pick up where I left off.  This includes my sharing something with you that happened in November just before rehearsals for the tour got underway.

Near the end of October we received an invitation to go to a show to be held at the legendary Trees in Dallas’ historic Deep Ellum District.

The Ladybug Chronicles-2195Deep Ellum is the infamous Entertainment (arts, music & subculture) District of Dallas.  It’s where many artists once demanded to stop while on tour and where many new artists, like Edie Brickell, cut their teeth and honed their craft. And Trees is not without it’s mention in this history, having given stage to many of the most notable artists and bands.  I mean; Pearl Jam played their first show there, C’mon!

So for me the excitement of going out to interview and see Kate Nash bless this stage was uncontainable; especially since the invitation was made to me because of my contributions to TLC!

The Ladybug Chronicles-2178I have to be honest, I knew NOTHING about Kate Nash, but I studied my ass off to get to know her (as presented to the public): her beliefs, her passions, her fashion, her art, her music… I really left no stone unturned because I refused to come off as a dolt. With that said, please don’t take what follows to be written out of any bitterness because it’s not.  I truly believe I’m better having gotten to know more about her and what she stands for.

The Ladybug Chronicles-2169I arrived early and found a place where the parking meter was “missing.”  I don’t know where it was and I can’t say that I didn’t care, but being who I am, I took the chance, parked and took photos of my car and the missing meter just in case I came out and my Rodeo was taken to the rodeo, in other words… towed.

The Ladybug Chronicles-2165Ms. Nash wasn’t feeling well and hadn’t been feeling well over the past week of tour, so she was unavailable for our interview. No biggie; being an artist, I understand resting to give the very best you have to give on stage when you’re on tour and “the show must go on.”  I chilled for a bit and came back closer to show time.

The Ladybug Chronicles-2164When I returned, I got the bright idea to talk with a few people who came to see the show, as to not let the post be a total bust.  I met several interesting people with “Kate Nash stories,” but one I found most interesting was a lady who was there with her daughter. She told me that her ex-husband was a “dick head” through their divorce and Kate helped her through it.  In particular the line from “Foundations” which says, “You said I must eat so many lemons, ’cause I am so bitter.  I said I’d rather be with your friends mate, ’cause they are much fitter. Yes it was childish and you got aggressive and I must admit that I was a bit scared, but it gives me thrills to wind you up.” She also told me that the song titled, “Merry Happy” became her theme song. So here then is another song, because I already knew about “Foundations,” that I was hoping to hear her perform live.

The Ladybug Chronicles-2129The Ladybug Chronicles-2136The opening acts begin to hit the stage and this is when the night began to derail. First Skating Polly, a guitar/bass and drums duo that I had high hopes for when they walked out, but I was offended by their garage rehearsal performance and La Sera didn’t make any sonic improvements to the first course.

The Ladybug Chronicles-2156Finally, Kate Nash was ready to blaze the stage.  The opening video sequence was DOPE! My eyes were bright, there was a smile on my face and then… another crash course in come listen to me practice.  I couldn’t understand a lyric, everything was beyond too loud and as beautiful as the stage was, it was just sad.  I would have liked to blame the missed experience on local techs, but they all (sound, lights, etc…) were the production crew.

Nevertheless, I got some great photos.

See you “next” Sunday!

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