The Ladybug is a Vintage Tourist in Poland: Moja Warsaw Dzień 2

The Ladybug Chronicles-4296

My second day in Warsaw was abit more touristic: I visited the city center and the most important monuments and museums… I didn’t get lost in the vintage shops!

I also visited a part of the town called Praha, not very famous because it is the old popular area (it’s still quite popular though), but I really enjoyed a completely different part of town, far away from the sky scrapers of the city center. I found some thrift and second hand consignment stores in area, but it was too late for me to stop!

The Ladybug Chronicles-4326

The Ladybug Chronicles-4294

I was practically rolling all day as I ate like a little piggy. This is the reason why I decided to rent a bike for a little something more to get my heart-rate up around town (I was feeling super guilty!!)

The Ladybug Chronicles-4277

The Ladybug Chronicles-4280

I am still wearing my retro houndstooth Max & Co coat, Les Lolitas green Chelsea boots, Stondo orange hat and Max & Co black bag (my trip’s essentials!).  But today I added a fairisle Norwegian style grey wool jumper from Benetton with a pair of black Zara leggings.

The Ladybug Chronicles-4298

The Ladybug Chronicles-4315

There was also a little sun, so I could use my adored French vintage frames from my favorite seller Laura from Oggetti Smarriti (we met in Padua when I bought these beauties). I’m also wearing a little present from my friend: a lovely bracelet that she got for me in the streets of Warsaw that same day!

Such a lovely place… I need to be back again soon!

The Ladybug Chronicles-4287

The Ladybug Chronicles-4188

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