The Ladybug Goes Back to Where it All Started: Montagnola Market in Bologna

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If you follow my blog regularly you might know: that although I had an early passion for vintage from my incursions into my granny’s closet; I definitely fell in love with vintage at the market called Montagnola, while I was a student at University in Bologna.

Before the Christmas break, I accepted my friends’ request to visit the infamous Woolrich and Barbour outlet in Granarolo, near Bologna, to try to find a good warm coat for the upcoming winter season. So, I thought it was a good idea to find something interesting and to test the outlet itself for my readers. Since we were heading to Bologna, I asked to spend some time in town. And as it was a Friday off, I more specifically wanted to go to the Montagnola which is found in my favorite area- the vintage and second-hand section of the market. The good news is that my request was accepted!

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We started the trip with a wonderful meal of handmade pasta and delicious meat and wine at the historical Trattoria Il Cannone where I used to go when I was a student!

We then moved to the Montagnola where I must confess I my heart was racing as I really felt the same feelings and emotions I experienced when I was a student: I was so excited to find exactly the same stalls (and stallers) from more than ten years ago when I used to buy things that my mum hated for me to bring home because they were “dirty and old fashioned!!”

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I must say that I grabbed a couple of bargains for old times sake! For example: I got a beautiful American vintage boucle jacket for 20 euros. And at the stall that I called the “sequined” for all theirs amazing glowing gowns and cocktail dresses, I got an amazing black midi circle skirt and a wonderful trophy jacket for a ridiculous price, a quarter of the usual prices online and in vintage shops… I was amazed and I can’t wait to wear them all!

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But my bargains of the day didn’t finish there!

The Woolrich outlet was full of surprises too: I had read, before going there, that people were a bit disappointed by the fact that it wasn’t easy to find jackets in the color and size that they wanted, especially if you want black and blue and if your size is M/L. But I didn’t want a boring jacket so it was easier for me!! The place is really small: some ranges are for women and other for men, but often the things are messed up so you better have a complete tour trying to find a space on the middle of the hungry crowd (hungry for a good Woolrich jacket at 40% off!). Usually the jackets have small defaults, but let me tell you that in most cases they are barely noticeable. I was looking for a grey or military green warm jacket so I was very lucky to find this grey one to warm me up during winter- even if I must say that I am still not completely sure about this color… I should wear it more before giving my final answer! Or I may go back next year and get another one! Ha ha!

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But the second big bargain there was my new brown Barbour jacket in this lovely edition with this adorable purple flower pattern inside at 50% off! I was over excited to finally find a Barbour and at that price! I have been looking for a vintage one for ages, but none of those that I found (usually in London) fit my shape. I went to the Barbour shop in Milan, but I wasn’t in the mood for spending 350 euros for a Barbour jacket so this was the perfect occasion that I’ve been waiting for so long!!!

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I looked like the Befana on the way out of the outlet with my big bags! Also because I went for a super comfortable outfit with UGGS, thrifted Dorothy Perkins salt and pepper boyfriend jumper and Zara grey sweatpants! I tried to add some cute details like my purple Max&Co cape coat, my adored vintage fur arm warmers and floppy hat (both from Naples and from some years ago) and my vintage bag (from Verabis vintage in Florence!)

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