The Ladybug Knows the Third Time’s a Charm: KNAGUI’s Winter Gospel Tour… Live and Direct!

The Ladybug Chronicles-0119As you may know I’ve been styling KNAGUI for his winter gospel tours in Europe since 2011. For many different reasons I’ve never had the opportunity to see how my work looked on stage but through pictures, as I have never been to his shows in Italy.  This year came the exception, when I finally had the chance to see one of his shows live in Uboldo (thanks to the lovely Danila and her adorable family).

The Ladybug Chronicles-0118The funny thing about styling KNAGUI for his tours is not that he wears a robe for singing gospel (I’m joking… he does for a limited time at the beginning of the show only just to make “some people” happy!), but the fact that every year he decides the main colors for the group.

The Ladybug Chronicles-00132011 was the red and grey, 2012 was the purple and grey and this year I proposed my green and grey option, but KNAGUI didn’t seem to be really keen on my idea so he decided to go back to red and grey.

The Ladybug Chronicles-0141This made my job easier as we had already most of the pieces from 2011, but I wanted to add a new touch even if I didn’t know what…

This is why when KNAGUI arrived in Italy I decided to take him to my favorite vintage shop (Humana Vintage, of course!) to get some nice red or grey piece for him. I didn’t expect that what I’d found was way better than my expectation: the key piece of this tour was going to be this crazy vintage Missoni bow-tie in the tones of red that we both fell madly in love with! When KNAGUI decided to wear it that same night that I went to the show I got uber excited and very happy to see the result of our styling work!

The Ladybug Chronicles-0176He wore a grey tailored suit and waistcoat with a white shirt that made the bow tie “glow” under the stage lights with a pair of red accented guitar cufflinks!

The Ladybug Chronicles-0054Let me also tell you that I was particularly impressed by the group, Quiet Place. Not only for their amazing performance (the show was absolutely a pleasure and an intense moment of deep and joyful prayer), but also for their style!! Raymond’s retro inspired double-breasted red jacket for example- or Shaun’s pearl collar and Corey’s leather hat… they seemed to be a unit on stage.
The Ladybug Chronicles-0138

The Ladybug Chronicles-0131I was really happy to see them live and I hope it will happen again… maybe with another tour color or simply another amazing vintage piece! I should find a vintage robe I guess… ha ha.


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