The Ladybug is in Technicolor at the Warhol Expo in Milan

TLC Warhol - 2014-01-05

Being in Milan often offers my hungry soul a lot of opportunities to be fed art, music and culture – with a little touch of vintage. And of course! – my favorite expos, often held at Palazzo Reale, are definitely my main courses!

Since I’ve moved here, I don’t miss any of them and this is my second Andy Warhol expo in Milan; the other one, the Bank of America collection, was held at Museo del Novecento and it was a smaller collection of Warhol paintings compared to this (on display throu the 9th of March) which I visited with a tour guide on its opening day.

The Ladybug Chronicles-4463

The Ladybug Chronicles-4462

This collection comes from Peter Brant’s personal collection: he was a dear friend of Andy Warhol and he was part of the ’60s and ’70s art vivacity in New York. It seems that he bought his first Campbell Soup painting in 1967 and since then he continued collecting rare Warhol pieces. This is, indeed, a very unique collection and I was particularly amazed when I saw paintings that I only heard about but never saw live in my three Warhol expos; in particular I bubbled over with excitment and was about to cry and scream when I saw that my favorite piece, the Basquiat portrait, was standing in front of me!


Can you imagine that I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t think to take a picture of it??

Of course his most famous paintings were there too: Mao’s and Marilyn’s portraits for example, but also the controversial Blue Shot Marilyn and the Electric Chairs.

For the occasion I wore a vintage checkered coat from New York (a bargain from a garage sale here in Milan and soon on sale on my shop!), Zara black pussy-bow shirt, jeans and studded grey ankle boots by FCUK (soon on sale too!). Another vintage touch are my golden earrings from an antiques fair which happens once a month in Sorrento. And last but not vintage, an H&M flower ring.

The Ladybug Chronicles-4454

The Ladybug Chronicles-4465

The Ladybug Chronicles-4459

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