For Your Soul Friday: KNAGUI’s Enamored by NAMM… 2014

The Ladybug Chronicles-NAMM2014_10So it’s been a busy period: November was rehearsals, December was tour, the beginning of January was studio and after being home for a couple days, I flew out to LA for NAMM.

The Ladybug Chronicles-NAMM2014_6The Ladybug Chronicles-NAMM2014_11I always enjoy myself at NAMM because I love the rush of initiating, massaging and/or closing deals on the floor.  This year was especially cool because I recently signed Bobby Sparks as an affiliate to my management firm. While writing that, I just decided to interview him for a SSw/K feature.  And if you know anything about Bobby Sparks, you know why!

The Ladybug Chronicles-NAMM2014_4At any rate, I simply wanted to give you a glimpse into the halls of the Anaheim Convention Center and show you a few of the things I saw with this special edition… while also teasing you with pictorial previews of what’s to come in my regular post.

The Ladybug Chronicles-NAMM2014_1This was a small expo for Silvertone Guitars.  They have created new instruments based on the originals. It was cool reading the history of each guitar.

The Ladybug Chronicles-NAMM2014_9I’m not a fan of “coated” guitars, but I loved this one!

The Ladybug Chronicles-NAMM2014_12There will be new interviews coming soon.  One of which will be with this beautiful lady.

The Ladybug Chronicles-NAMM2014_3Also, this bright young artist who created these tables of which I must have!

The Ladybug Chronicles-NAMM2014_13I’ll also talk with Kelly McGrath about her style and what it means to be a real working musician.

The Ladybug Chronicles-NAMM2014_7Oh; my seeing the world through vintage colored glasses actually started the day before NAMM.  A band I know was shooting their video in Hollywood, I joined them for the all day shoot.  The locations were slick, but I especially liked this beautiful Cadillac DeVille and super cool vintage RCA microphone (which some call “The Sinatra”) that was used for the “in studio” shots.

The Ladybug Chronicles-LA 2014Do you see how classic and vintage S.O.I. Talent Management Firm Affiliate, Mark A. Walker looks in that photo with his Sunburst Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray5 Bass?

The Ladybug Chronicles-NAMM2014_5Keep your eye on The Ladybug & KNAGUI.

The Ladybug Chronicles-NAMM2014_8T.G.I.F.

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