The Ladybug is a Star Lighting Up a Rainy Milanese Sky

The Ladybug Chronicles-0981

It’s raining again in Milan, but as usual- I try to wear something cool to fight gray sky blues!
Speaking of the sky… I must share the story of the lovely star sweater that I decided to wear today: I had been looking for a black sweater with white stars for ages and I never found it until a couple weeks ago when my friend asked me to go with her to Upim (for the non-Italian let’s just say that it is a general store like Marks or Spencer with lower prices and quality for my UK readers and K-Mart for the Lovebugs in the US). I haven’t been to Upim in ages and I wasn’t very happy to follow her there, but you know what…? my lovely Springfield jumper was waiting there for me!!!
Lesson of the day: STOP shopping prejudice!!! …and prejudices of all kinds, for that matter!

The Ladybug Chronicles-0987The Ladybug Chronicles-0984

The Ladybug Chronicles-0994c

So today I am wearing it with a black wool pleated skirt by Zara and a Lorna Bosé grey cape jacket.
I added a large floppy hat from H&M and Moschino grey ankle boots from a Temporary Outlet in Milan, and a pair of spotted retro tights from Topshop.

The Ladybug Chronicles-0997

The Ladybug Chronicles-0991

The Ladybug Chronicles-1003

The Ladybug Chronicles-0998

The Ladybug Chronicles-0989

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