The Ladybug’s Granting Wishes in Her Fun Outfit for Fashion Blogger Day in Como

The Ladybug Chronicles-0793

I love playing with fashion and I don’t care much about diktats when I enjoy myself and have fun dressing up. So for the Fashion Blogger Day in Como (you can read everything about the day in my last post), I decided to play up the fun.

The Ladybug Chronicles-0674

The Ladybug Chronicles-0671

I chose a key piece and created the rest of the outfit based on that piece… you know that kind of stunning piece that gets all the attention… like this wonderful turban from Sine Modus, one of my favorite labels at the moment; not only because they reuse and recycle to create new pieces, but also because they create amazing stuff! (I am pretty sure you will see more pieces from them here soon! LOL)

The Ladybug Chronicles-0796

The Ladybug Chronicles-0672

As my turban is the focus, I decided to compose the rest of my outfit in black and white: a simple white shirt from Zara, my new black dungaree from ASOS, a black bag (Vic Matié – beautiful  soft leather clutch with chain) and black shoes (brogues from Marco).

The Ladybug Chronicles-0668

The Ladybug Chronicles-0666

The Ladybug Chronicles-066

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