The Ladybug Plays with the Ghosts of Vintage Future at the Vintage Workshop© in Milan

The Ladybug Chronicles-0862If you follow my blog you might know that I get excited when the Vintage Workshop© comes to town: not only because Angela Eupani, the founder and the and the heart of the event presented by the Associazione Culturale Ricercatori Moda d’Epoca, is a lovely friend of mine, but also because I know that I will find some of the most amazing pieces around in a room!

The Ladybug Chronicles-VW2instaAlmost two weeks before the beginning of the Fashion shows, Milan starts the busy job of hosting the fashion insiders events around town: at the Vintage Workshop©; buyers, stylists and designers can buy or rent pieces to be used as inspiration for their next collections. One of the homes of this side-bar fashion life is the Palazzo Stelline- where the event was held. It’s exciting to get this “preview” of what will be re-invented on catwalks next season. It says a lot about the role of vintage clothing and accessories in modern fashion: there’s nothing new under the sun and the past is still the first source of inspiration for the future! From these few days in Milan, you can forecast the trends for Spring-Summer 2015.

The Ladybug Chronicles-VW2This year, apart from the usual amazing pieces that Angela brought, she decided to entertain her public with a special screening of a short film from digital artist, DarkAngel0. I had the chance to watch the premiere on the first day and I was absolutely amazed by the concept of time and space (and the soundtrack!) presented in this film and by the talent of this artist. I totally understand why Angela decided to collaborate with him, especially when I saw shots of the vintage pieces I admired in the room come to life on the screen!

The Ladybug Chronicles-0856 The Ladybug Chronicles-0853 The Ladybug Chronicles-0849 The Ladybug Chronicles-0848 The Ladybug Chronicles-0845 The Ladybug Chronicles-0840No need to tell you how amazing the selection of vintage was (you can see some of my pictures here). I took my time playing with some amazing pieces like the heart shaped frames and coral hat, and the crazy pre-industrial hat (as Angela defined as: an industrial trend foreseen in the ’50s!) just to get in the mood of the surroundings (the new industrial was for sure one of the most important trends identified here).  I had a “grandma’s closet moment playing the diva among all those wonderful vintage pieces!

The Ladybug Chronicles-0865I am wearing all black with a vintage aran cardigan, but you will see more of this outfit soon on the blog!

The Ladybug Chronicles-0873Vintage Workshop© will be back in Milan soon; in the meanwhile, you can check them out during the Linea Pelle event in Bologna- if you are around!

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