The Ladybug Boards Borotalco and Manetti & Roberts’ Temporary Time Machine

The Ladybug Chronicles-Borotalco 04

Does it happen to you sometimes to think about thoughtless things? I’m talking about things that have been a part of our lives since birth- sounds, smells, emotions… Things that we eat or that we use everyday that represents a part of our life and history, not only as the person that we are but also our community and culture and that string that ties us together because we’re from the same era and place.

If you are Italian you, will definitely recognize Borotalco as one of these “things!” For those non-Italian readers, Borotalco is the classic antiseptic dusting talc powder that, since the beginning of the XX Century, every single Italian mother used- not only for their babies, but also for their daily beauty routine. The typical dark green box can still be found in almost every Italian home! The first Borotalco green bottle (with its recharger) was created in 1878 and its first ad, in 1929 claims “If it isn’t Roberts, it’s not Borotalco” to warn people of the imitations! Their first TV ad dates 1957, but it wasn’t until the ’90s they created a complete set of body products: liquid soaps, deodorants, soaps and shower gels. In 2003, they added a new smoothing body lotion and solid soap with amazing vintage packages.

The Ladybug Chronicles-Borotalco 01

The company behind this successful product is Manetti & Roberts and it is the company behind many other successful and historical products in the beauty and healthcare routine of Italians: from Aqua alle Rose (the first product created in 1867 for women’s beauty), to Neutro Roberts (1904), Chilly (’80s) and the digestives Galeffi (1872) and Brioschi. The company started in 1843 when Henry Roberts setup his first pharmaceutical laboratory in Florence. There he met the pharmacist Lorenzo Manetti with whom he established Manetti & Roberts in 1921. All the products from then ’til now are created and developed in Italy with true passion and a focus on quality.

The Ladybug Chronicles-Borotalco 02

Milan will celebrate this historical Italian company with a temporary store in Central Station until the 12th of March. Here you can find all the historic products: Acqua alle Rose, Borotalco and the vintage inspired soap and body lotion. You can also put a name and message on the 500gr green bottle. And for every 10 euros you spend, you will get a free soap or a vintage inspired tin box for every 20 euros.

The Ladybug Chronicles-Borotalco 03

This is what I got for myself and some friends… plus the lovely tin box of course!  If you’re around, I highly suggest you stop by- even if you don’t have a train to catch. It’s a lovely little time machine!

The Ladybug Chronicles-Borotalco 05

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