The Ladybug’s Vintage Vacation: From Russia with Love – Day #1, Saint Petersburg

The Ladybug Chronicles-Russia 06

A few weeks ago I had the chance to make one of my dream-trips come true: I know it may seem strange, but I’ve for many years nourished all sorts of curiosity and interest in this huge, contradictory and controversial country called Russia.

I’ve always dreamed of visiting the Hermitage museum in Saint Petersburg or the Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, but more than anything I was curious to see how daily life was, how people lived and of course, what is the status of Russian vintage!!

The Ladybug Chronicles-Russia 08

The Ladybug Chronicles-Russia 01

So when I finally got the the call from Russia to visit I didn’t think twice about it, and booked my flights, hotels and visa in less than 2 days!! My only concern was the weather… it was very cold and it snowed a couple of times, but the big blue sky was priceless, especially if you compared to the rainy grey sky I found when I came back to Milan! I will try to tell you about my trip here and share a couple of tips on local vintage in the event you decide to visit this incredible country!The Ladybug Chronicles-Russia 02

The Ladybug Chronicles-Russia 04

My first day in Saint Petersburg was all about the Hermitage Museum: I was so excited to finally visit one of the most beautiful museums in the world. I bought my ticket online a couple of weeks before the trip to avoid having to stand in line; even if, with that cold weather not many people are in the mood to visit Russia!!

I literally spent my entire day there: I got completely lost in the beauty of centuries of art from Leonardo to Kandinsky and Matisse that I even forgot to eat! From the Ancient Egypt to the XXth Century I enjoyed one of the best journeys into art of my whole life!

The Ladybug Chronicles-Russia 07

The Ladybug Chronicles-Russia 03

As for what I wore… well… I found out that if you’re not Russian you cannot be stylish in that cold!! Seriously, I was so cold that I couldn’t imagine myself without gloves, hats, UGG boots or layers of clothes!! But I saw amazing women in amazing stylish outfits with fur and high heels, but as it wasn’t very comfortable for me, I tried to do my best with what I had!

I brought my Topshop leopard print coat, and I paired it with a Topshop faux-fur Russian hat, a Sisley wool scarf and vintage suede gloves with fur inside. I also wore a wool pleated Zara skirt over Calzedonia grey wool tights and black UGG boots… which became my only shoes for the whole holiday (except for a gala night, but we’ll talk about that soon!). The final piece is my Max & Co leather bag which is the only bag I brought for the trip… way too comfortable and lovely a messenger bag to leave at home!

The Ladybug Chronicles-Russia 05

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