The Ladybug’s Vintage Vacation: From Russia with Love – Day #2, Saint Petersburg

The Ladybug Chronicles-Russia 03

My second day in Saint Petersburg was full of walking and visiting around, this why I went for another comfortable outfit for the top of Saint Isaac’s Cathedral to admire a wonderful view of the whole town; from there I walked to one of the most beautiful churches that I’ve ever visited in my life, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood: I was astonished standing in front of such a wonderful church. Very similar to the Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, but somehow more impressive, it took my breath away.  It is very small inside, but as beautiful as it outside.

The Ladybug Chronicles-Russia 01

I had a lovely lunch at the Singer Café, in the amazing Singer building (yes, the sewing machines company) that is now a nice book shop and a very good café with view of the canals and the Kazan Cathedral.

The Ladybug Chronicles-Russia 02

I spent the afternoon looking for one of the most interesting vintage shops in town, Off. I found it in my Lonely Planet guide, but when I went to the place where it was supposed to be- I found out that it moved a bit out of town. So I decided to challenge the subway (mostly written in Cyrillic) and the fact that most of people don’t speak English (let alone Italian, French or Spanish) to find my shop. I finally found it in a sort of small shopping center and it was nice to see that it looked like a very European shop… I’d say the kind of Scandinavian vintage shop, full of lovely things mostly coming from Europe.  Still I managed to buy a folk pouch and two Russian pins for my new DIY!

The Ladybug Chronicles-Russia 05

The Ladybug Chronicles-Russia 10

The Ladybug Chronicles-Russia 09

I wore my Woolrich parka, with Stefanel camel jumper and American Apparel long skirt. I added my lovely ASOS animal print earmuffs and of course my UGG boots and Max & Co leather satchel.

The Ladybug Chronicles-Russia 04

That same night I went to what I can call one of my most beautiful experiences in Russia: I went to see the ballet (Carmen) at the Mariinsky theatre.  Believe me, it was such an experience! Not only because the theatre is beautiful and this is THE ballet, but also because I realized that for people in town it’s much like going to watch a football match for us. They are passionate and involved, but they are also very critical and are real experts on the subject!  It was one of the most exciting and interesting experiences of my life!

The Ladybug Chronicles-Russia 06

My evening wear was a vintage ’80s dress with batwing sleeves, velvet inserts and sequins from Humana Vintage, my Rag & Bone black ankle boots and again my Max & Co bag. I added a “Russian touch” on my hair wearing this lovely braid that I bought on Ebay just before leaving!

The Ladybug Chronicles-Russia 08

The Ladybug Chronicles-Russia 07

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