The Ladybug Visits Pollock and the Irascibles at Palazzo Reale, Milan

The Ladybug Chronicles-Pollock 01

Yes, the lost folder in my computer was all about my latest visits to Palazzo Reale for the great expos of the last few months! On my last post I shared my visit to the Rodin expo, this time is my visit to the expo “Pollock e gli Irascibili” (Pollock and the Irascibles), one of the most suggestive expos held there in my history of visiting.

This visit marked my first night visit to the Palazzo Reale: as the queue was too long, I decided to go to the cinema before coming back to the museum for the late visit… what a great idea! There weren’t many people inside and there was a lot of time to enjoy this wonderful expo: that wasn’t only a Jackson Pollock expo with some amazing paintings by other American artists of the same wave (Abstract Expressionism), but also a representation of 1950’s music, culture and politics in the United States all represented in an art expo.  Miles Davis “Kind of Blue” was my leit-motiv of the expo and on my way back home I couldn’t help looking for its music on my iPod to make the sensation last outside of the museum!

The Ladybug Chronicles-Pollock 02


The Ladybug Chronicles-Pollock 03

Jackson Pollock was the absolute leader of the New York school which was introduced in paintings after the second war bringing the energy of the action painting created on canvas based on the floor.  Some of his greatest paintings plus other great pieces from Rothko, de Koning, Kline, Reinhardt (the Irascibles, based on an open letter, written in 1950, to the president of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, rejecting the museum’s exhibition American Painting Today – 1950 and boycotting the accompanying competition) and some other new (to me) artists like: Hans Hofman, Sam Francis, Philip Guston and Barnett Newman whom I enjoyed during this vibrant expo of about 50 pieces arriving straight from the Whitney Museum.

The Ladybug Chronicles-Pollock 04

The Ladybug Chronicles-Pollock 07

The Ladybug Chronicles-Pollock 05

For my  visit at the expo I wore an H&M black dress, Stefanel camel coat, Marco black brogues, Louis Vuitton bag, a black snood and a wonderful vintage find: these very rare 50’s cat-eye frames from my adored Laura from Oggetti Smarriti (bought at the Vintage Mania last year).

The Ladybug Chronicles-Pollock 06

The Ladybug Chronicles-Pollock 08

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