The Ladybug Løves Milano Food Week: A Tummy Full of Love… Løv Organic, That Is!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Lov Organic 03

Yes, I know that now I am totally confusing you: not too long ago we said that Milan has two classic weeks- Fashion Week and Design Week. Recently we added the newly born Vintage Week, but now I am going to introduce you to the latest week long craze: Milano Food Week! Of course, this is the week for foodies: from those of you who love cooking to those who love eating (like me!).

Milan once again became a big open air factory and every restaurant or food shop was a place for events, meetings and “eatings!”  You could learn how to cook from the biggest chefs or try to find your path toward learning more about vegan cuisine or baking or educate yourself on food intolerances or sipping tea and infusions just for fun. Guess what I did?

The Ladybug Chronicles - Lov Organic 06

The Ladybug Chronicles - Lov Organic 02

The Ladybug Chronicles - Lov Organic 07

Yes! I attacked one of my favorite places in town and I spent a great hour there. The shop I am talking about is the new Løv Organic shop and it’s the first one in Italy. Every first Tuesday of the month, you can book your senses’ an experience to create your own infusion at their Infusion Atelier. But for MFW, the special event was scheduled during the whole week, and I got the opportunity to be part of one of those lovely events. It was fun, interesting, tasty and a real sensory experience… for every sense: you can “play” with the different extracts and based on your “nose” and “tongue,” you can bring to life the infusion you’ve always dreamed!

If you are a tea/infusion lover like me, you will probably know the French Løv Organic brand: in Scandinavia, ‘løv’ means ‘leaf,’ but it plays with the word ‘love’ as Løv Organic loves nature and mixes modernity and respect for the environment. Minimal design, playful colors and the famous bird [the symbol of nature in need of protection] in reusable tins- which we love for their eco-friendly attitude and for their delicious content! Løv Organic is the little brother of Kusmi Tea… the famous Russian of the Tsars and who also make some of my favorite Russian teas ever (here I am with the lovely store manager of the Kusmi tea shop in Brera).

The Ladybug Chronicles - Lov Organic 04

The Ladybug Chronicles - Lov Organic 01

I was losing myself in their amazing single infusions and mixed teas and rooibos, and I was tempted to go home with a lot of little colored boxed and tins! I’ll contain my enthusiasm about some of the aspects of the atelier experience so you can try it yourself without me spoiling everything. What I will say is that it worth a try and the shop is full of deliciousness! I felt like a little Alice in Wonderland there!

As you can imagine, I left with a new box to try, the Lovely Night bio infusion that I am sipping while writing this post! But I can’t wait to try the white tea with coconut and blueberry, and the almond rooibos or the secret infusion I created there which we’ll call, “Lady Goodness!”

I am wearing a vintage dress from Moje Tvoje in Ljubljana, Jeffrey Campbell ankle boots, Max & Co bag.

The Ladybug Chronicles - Lov Organic 08

The Ladybug Chronicles - Lov Organic 05

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