The Ladybug’s Retro Beauty Essentials: My Vintage Affair with Borotalco

The Ladybug Chronicles - Borotalco 01

It was March when, using the excuse to tell you about the pop-up store at Stazione Centrale in Milan, I introduced my passion for Borotalco here on the blog.

Italians definitely recognize Borotalco as the “it” product that’s accompanied us through our life (as one of their spots used to remind us!), from birth to adulthood. It is most definitely THE vintage label.

Just imagine: Borotalco, born as an antiseptic dusting talc powder, has been used by every Italian mother not only for the daily care of their babies, but also for their daily beauty routine. The classic dark green box can still be found in almost every Italian home! It’s a great testament to their brand, vision and it’s quality, considering the first Borotalco green bottle (with its recharger) was created in 1878 and its first ad didn’t come about until 1929. And still, it wasn’t until the 1990s when Manetti & Roberts, the company behind the success of the product, propelled the vision of the company and created a complete line of body products: liquid soaps, deodorants, soaps and shower gels. They moved the line further forward in 2003, by adding a new smoothing body lotion and solid soap with an amazing vintage packaging and adorable retro style.

The Ladybug Chronicles - Borotalco 02

The Ladybug Chronicles - Borotalco 03

The Ladybug Chronicles - Borotalco 06

And now I want to share what I’ve found to be the next history making steps in their product line. I picked up some new Borotalco retro products that are already my vintage summer essentials: the alcohol free, Squeeze deodorant and the Acqua di Borotalco. They are perfect for the summer because they give you an immediate fresh and clean sensation with that unique scent.

The Squeeze deodorant is always in my handbag: when the heat becomes an enemy and you need a secure ally, a quick application provides a blossom of freshness that you can easily re-apply everywhere thanks to its easy-to-use applicator. Moreover, Borotalco brought back its vintage package (they were the first to introduce this deodorant format in Italy) with the classic green, red and golden colors.

The Ladybug Chronicles - Borotalco 04

The Ladybug Chronicles - Borotalco 05

Acqua di Borotalco is the other essential product I drop in my bag every day before going to work in the morning. It is the classic Borotalco scented water that leaves your skin delicately perfumed for a long time. It is perfect to use in the morning while getting ready for a long day at work or just after a shower!

If that isn’t enough Borotalco for you, let me take you over the top with the new collectible vintage scented soaps that leave your skin velvety soft and adorably scented!

As I love their old ads and historical images, I thought you might appreciate me sharing a little gallery of their, in my opinion, loveliest vintage ads and images.

For more information

Bambini (1947)

Borotalco_immagine storica

Bambino a gattoni (1934)

Farmacia Storica Alta Ris

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