The Ladybug’s A Bronze Star: Tips for a Perfectly Tanned Summer

The Ladybug Chronicles - Tanning 01

I know, magazines and the internet are full of tanning tips right now, but now it’s my turn to buzz about it because: a) I’ve just realized that I’ve never posted about it, and b) I have a couple of products to show you that work for real. How do I know? Well, because they’ve just been Ladybug tested and are TLC approved!

I can’t believe this is my first post on the subject, especially after the beautiful deep tanning I got last summer (which honestly stayed with me through the bulk of the winter).  So this year after sharing the gold and silver highlights about my holiday in Corsica, I’ve decided to share my not-so serendipitous bronze gift with you! A gift that continues to please me because after a month I am still tanned, healthy and ready for my next sun kiss sessions!

I am Sicilian, so you can imagine how important a tan is for us. We strive for the best golden tan every summer! And in my long tanning experience I tried almost every single brand and product: oils, creams, gels, sprays, milks… everything! My skin may seem dark, but it is quite fair-er and it burns quite easily this is why I ALWAYS use a quite high protection (especially for my face) and use different products for different parts of my body and different moments of my tanning process.

The Ladybug Chronicles - Tanning 02

The Ladybug Chronicles - Tanning 03

After long research and testing I came up with two primary brands for my summer routine: Collistar and Lancaster.  I start summer with a spf 30 velvety body milk from Lancaster: I use it for the first week, at least. It prevents burns, but leaves my skin soft and hydrated. It is water resistant, but I apply it after bathing.  When I feel more comfortable (especially on my legs, arms and back) I start using Collistar’s Supertanning Magic Oil-Gel, with a lower protection (spf 10) but a wonderful texture: it makes the deep tanning process quicker and leaves you with a golden soft skin. Even if it is a bit dark, it doesn’t stain your beloved bikini (I “tested” that too… when it spilled on my white swimsuit, but didn’t leave any trace!).

The Ladybug Chronicles - Tanning 05

As for my face I always use a high protection, specifically: Collistar Face Tanner spf 30 anti-age.  I use this no matter the tanning stage I’m in (at the beginning or after weeks of tanning) because I want my face to be protected and without those annoying dark marks. This is a product that I have used for years and I am very pleased with the effect. Even if it may take a bit longer for my face to tan, who cares, when you have protected and glowing skin throughout the summer (and winter of course!)?

And when you are perfectly tanned and you don’t want to let it go after a few showers when you are back in town, then you MUST use this wonderful Tan Prolonger and Maximizer from Lancaster: you can use it every day after showering because it also hydrates your dry skin and exalts your natural tan activating the long-lasting effect.

The Ladybug Chronicles - Tanning 04

So if you haven’t chosen your tanning products for the upcoming holidays at the beach, take into consideration my beauty tips! Ah… and for my hair, as U2 used to sing, “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.” But I will let you know when I finally do! So for now I will rock harder with an even shorter rocker cut for when I go back home… the moment that I really consider to be the end of summer!

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