The Ladybug Bids You, “Namasté” from the Yoga Festival in Milan

The Ladybug Chronicles - Yoga Festival 01

I’ve been telling you about how this year I’ve managed to recoup some of the events I missed from the year before, one of those was the Yoga Festival.

I have always been a fan of yoga: I tried both yoga and meditation some years ago and even posed for the cover of a magazine promoting health and fitness, but for the lack of good yoga centers where I lived- I never continued the practice. Still; I’ve been intrigued and curious, which is why, when I moved to Milan and realized there was a lovely yoga center just a few steps from my door: I decided to give it a try.



I fell in love with the practice of dynamic yoga and relaxation and now, for me, it is the best moment of the week! After working hard and working out during the week, I take an hour and a half just for myself to regenerate and feel well in my body and mind.

Milan offers a lot of centers, free events and even an international festival where you can buy, learn, try all the things around yoga. You can gain an introduction to the centers, know more about different activities from meditation to self-medicine, you can try almost every type of yoga, attend classes, make new experiences and understand more about your body’s intolerances.  You can even buy your yoga material (for example at Re Yoga, where you can find recycled mats and cushions- it’s where I bought my first beautiful yoga mat!): the Yoga Festival offers many different free events every hour for the whole weekend and you will definitely find something interesting for yourself.

The Ladybug Chronicles - Yoga Festival 02


This year I visited my yoga center and took advantage of attending four classes including meditation (which I’d love to start soon) and an amazing class of dynamic yoga that I adored. After four hours I was fully regenerated, but I would have spent even more time in such a beautiful place!

I was surprised by the number of people at the Festival. It felt good and made me happy happy to participate in the success of this fantastic discipline. I started as a wonderer, but now… I am nearly an addict!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Yoga Festival 03


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