The Ladybug Gets Lost in The Beauty of Gray at Tina Modotti’s Expo in Turin


This year I’ve had a lot of chances to check out expos: I saw wonderful things and even last week mentioned the Frida Kahlo expos I visited. But I can’t think of Frida without linking her art, work and life to Tina Modotti. In Rome, some of the pictures shown of Frida were taken by Tina, and they were incredible.

I read a lot about Tina Modotti (Elena Poniatowska’s Tinissima is an amazing biography that you may really want to add to your library!) and I was amazed by her life and her friendship with Frida. This is why I couldn’t help heading to Palazzo Madama in Turin to see what she had to offer since I’d never seen any of her work in person, beyond Frida’s photographs.


Modotti 048

Also Turin is always worth a visit: I deeply love the city and getting lost in its streets and art.  So; as it was a Saturday, I took the opportunity to visit the famous Balon, the historical antiques and vintage market of the city and I enjoyed a little vintage shopping before tasting the famous typical dish of the town (the bagnacauda) not far from the market (delicious!).

The expo wasn’t deceiving at all: a lot of her photographs from different stages of her life and work and many different subjects was exposed- all in black and white, and I was particularly excited about those pictures where she was the subject (ok, her selfies!), especially her nudes.

I also loved most of the photos in which she perfectly manage to represent the poverty and the affliction of her people. They had a strong impact… maybe because they are cruel without showing cruelty (this is why I also love Salgado’s photography).

I wore a lovely vintage sequined top that I bought at Gvant in Ljubljana some time ago plus a Miu Miu clutch and frames.

The Ladybug Chronicles - Tina Modotti Expo


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