The Ladybug Follows the Star to a Dream Deferred: Jesus Christ Superstar, The Musical!


When I was at college, I remember that my English teacher (who’d just come back from the summer holidays) told us a story about her going to London and having the chance to see the musical “Jesus Christ Superstar,” the masterpiece by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. I remember how delighted and happy she was about it. She told us the story of the 1973 film and what it represented at the time. Since then I had the dream of seeing the musical one day.

A long time had passed before the occasion came my way, but a couple of months ago on my way back from my summer holidays the time had finally arrived! I saw a big billboard in Milan announcing the show coming to town in October!

The first thing I did was call my friend and asking her if she was interested in going with me… in less than a day we had our tickets for the show! I can’t explain how excited I was about it (in our ticket-mania we also decided to get a ticket for Lenny Kravitz concert a few weeks later!) and I counted the days until the date!


The show was even better than I expected: the Italian version of the musical was directed by Massimo Piparo and it had a very special cast. Ted Neeley, the original Jesus from the movie, played Jesus in the musical along with Yvonne Elliman and Barry Dennen (both from the film as well). The fresh and surprising face of Judah was played by Feysal Bonciani, a young Italian artist whose role I found deeply interesting and moving. Actually; the whole show was deep and emotional, and it expressed intensely a whole lot of feelings going from joy to desperation in an amazing way that touched the audience very directly and currently.

Indeed we were completely blown away by the show and I was so happy that a dream of mine came true in such a beautiful way! We also had the chance to meet Yvonne Elliman, Ted Neeley and Feysal Bonciani to have a quick talk and to take some pictures with them!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Jesus Christ Superstar 02

The Ladybug Chronicles - Jesus Christ Superstar 01

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