The Ladybug in Outlet-land: Good Shopping Tips for Shoe Lovers!

I know that this post comes a bit late, but it’s never too late for some good tips on how to find beautiful designer accessories (especially shoes!) at very good price when you are on holiday on the Riviera Romagnola or maybe swinging at Summer Jumboree like I did last summer!

I announced this post last August (that’s why I am late), but the good outlets haven’t moved so you can easily find them if you go check them out.

When I was traveling to Summer Jamboree from Milan, I saw a billboard on the highway advertising the Sergio Rossi Factory Outlet in the area around Rimini: it was late, but I immediately went online to check when it was open. While surfing the web, I realized that the area between Emilia Romagna and Marche was full of great outlets, and it took a while to select those worth visiting while I was there.

Sergio Rossi, for me, is the best: the prices were almost good and it was easy to find- not only some killer heels, but also regular black & brown shoes to use everyday for the office. It was a bit hard to find my size, but I managed to buy these lovely patent heels that are super comfortable and great quality for a very good price.

If you are a fan of Giuseppe Zanotti and Pollini these two outlets are also worth a visit: Zanotti is maybe more a risqué style and also a bit more expensive, but if you prefer a classical style you can find Pollini (and Moschino) a few kilometers away! I was tempted by some over the knee stiletto heels at Zanotti, but I went for patent cream platform heels at Pollini (I know I was patent obsessed during these days!).

If you go South in Marche you can find more interesting outlets like Prada-Miu Miu and Tods-Hogan. I am not a fan of the latter (too classical for me!), but Prada and Miu Miu are quite interesting- especially for accessories. I gave myself the gift of a black Miu Miu clutch for my birthday… And I was dying for more bags, shoes and sunglasses, but my limited budget stopped me!!

If you check online you will easily find all the addresses with the days/time that they are open. But believe me, if you are in the area, and the weather is not excellent (not that you really need an excuse… though it was mine), and you like designer pieces, and you cannot afford exaggerated prices… this area is like a paradise for fashion lovers!


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