The Ladybug is Spellbound at Marc Chagall’s Expo in Milan

The Ladybug Chronicles - Chagall 01

It may be a coincidence, but all of the expos that I see at the beginning of the year at Palazzo Reale in Milan become my favorite expo of the year!

I can’t say if this one will be the best of 2015, but those to come have a high bar of expectation.  So, if you missed it, trust me, you missed something special.

As usual, I went during the final days (but not the last one… this time!). The expo started in September last year and I still had to wait almost an hour and a half to get in but: a) one hour and a half was nothing compared to those who waited almost three hours; and b) it was totally worth the long queue!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Chagall 03



I can’t explain the charm of this painter, who is still one of my favorites of all times. His colors and his representation of love (The Birthday and The Walk were my favorite of the expo!) give joy to the soul and quiet the mind.

The expo was very rich with a lot of paintings representing different stages in the life of the artist and different historical moments: the way his work changed passing from one room to another was awesome. The curating and design of the expo was amazing! Many of his most important pieces were there (more than what I remember seeing at the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg), and even his costumes and sketches for the theatre were exposed.

I hope that the next expos held at Palazzo Reale will worth the visit (and the queue!) …again!

(Turban with brooch: Shabby Chic with a night view of the Duomo!)

The Ladybug Chronicles - Chagall 02

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