The Ladybug’s Trip Through Vintage Munich: The Best Vintage Shops in Town!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Munich 2015 04

As you may have seen from my Facebook page, I spent a few weeks in Munich this past January doing a lot of work, but with the weekends came freedom and with freedom came time to spend hunting vintage treasuries in Deutschland!

There’s a lot to say about Munich and about what to do, eat and see while there. But we’ll discuss these things in the next posts as I decided that I would start with… vintage!

We all know Berlin as the “vintagiest” town in Germany, but you will be surprised to find out how many (great) vintage shops I found in cold snowy Munich.

As you can imagine, I did some research before hitting the road and some other shops appeared during the journey, but let me tell you about my favorite so you too can put them on your “must stop” list while visiting this extraordinary city!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Munich 2015 05

The Ladybug Chronicles - Munich 2015 01

The Ladybug Chronicles - Munich 2015 02

Tricia Leonard was the first on my list. It was the first place I visited and the shop where I left my heart (for many reasons). First, because of Tricia herself: a beautiful jazz singer with a history that taps into Milan. We started talking as if we were old friends (yes, that’s the power of vintage!). She is such a lovely woman with great style, taste and an incredible story, and her shop is a direct reflection of her person. You won’t find a lot of clothing, but tons of amazing accessories and jewelery dating back to the ’20s. You won’t believe your eyes! Her collection of brooches really left me open-mouthed, but more than that- I fell in love with her fantastic collection of hatpins. Hatpins are one of my favorite vintage accessory ever! It’s very hard to find good ones, but in Tricia’s shop- I couldn’t decide which one to pick (I picked three indeed!).  I’m telling you, this shop is to-die-for!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Munich 2015 03

The Ladybug Chronicles - Munich 2015 06

Next door to Tricia is another lovely vintage shop, very different style, more eccentric and maybe more the style of shops that I expect to find in Berlin… I would call it a postmodernist shop! The name is Cat with a Hat (adorable!)… and as I love both (cats and hats) I couldn’t help stepping in to take a look! Very colorful and funny shop with some statement pieces that are really worth your time!

Walking in the same area (the so-called vintage area of Munich) we found another crazy vintage shop… I would say more surreal: Alexas. There you’ll find amazing statement pieces from the late ’70s and ’80s, but stay away if you don’t like buying items that demand the spot light because Alexas’ inventory is notorious for capturing the eye! I bought a lovely velvet 1980s does the ’20s hat (you can see it in the last picture with my new hatpins!).

The Ladybug Chronicles - Munich 2015 07

The Ladybug Chronicles - Munich 2015 08

Last but not least: Vintage Love… a real paradise for vintage lovers! If I was richer, I would have left with half of the shop, but I tried on tons of clothes and shoes (and bags) even if nothing really fit me well (good news for my credit card!). In Vintage Love you can find almost everything and of very good quality.  Now, in glorious vintage custom, you’ll have to take your time and search, but you can find whatever your heart desires: from wonderful designer gowns to more casual clothes, shoes and very rare handbags and jewels. It is a bit more pricey, of course, but the pieces are well priced without much exaggeration (you know I am an expert on vintage pricing!). The shop is very spacious and you will probably have that feeling of “Where should I begin?” But once you’ve found your way, you can get completely lost in this wonderful shop that is really worth a visit.

The Ladybug Chronicles - Munich 2015 09

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