The Ladybug in Vintage Bruxelles pt. 1

Bruxelles (3)

Did you know that Bruxelles is considered one of the European capitals of vintage? And did you know that this is absolutely true?

I first went to Bruxelles more than ten years ago and I was shocked to see how much it changed in just a decade! The occasion was a visit with my old friend Valentina who moved there not too long ago, and I must say that we spent one of the best weekends EVER!

The weather was pretty awesome, food and beer just delightful and company was perfect. We enjoyed two beautiful days around the city and we visited some of the best vintage shops in town. And I must say: not only are there tons of incredible vintage shops in town, but the selection and prices are really interesting (no need to say I bought a lot of stuff right?!).

Bruxelles (2)

Bruxelles (1)

Bruxelles (4)

For the first day we got lost around the city and her incredible sights, walking all day and visiting all the most important touristic sites: from the Grande Place to the Manneken Pis, the Royal Palace and its gardens, the Sablon and Grand Sablon with its beautiful and flowery squares, Sainte Catherine and the incredible Magritte Museum. But we also got lost inside the lovely shops: amazing “chocolateries,” the incredible street art at every corner and the beautiful alleys of the old town. We also walked to the Chatelaine area, one of the most vibrant areas of the town. And a bit outside of the touristic tours (this is one of the advantages of visiting the town with someone living there!), we visited the incredible museum Horta.

In this area we found the lovely Retro Paradise, part of the “Les Petits Riens” charitable association. They have a huge stock of recycled clothes where you can spot some gems in the mess and with very low prices (I got a lovely Audrey Hepburn style hat for 7 euros!). It’s such the famous charity shop in town that it has inspired local fashion designers to host an annual show based on outfits bought at Les Petits Riens.

Bruxelles (5)

Bruxelles (7)

Bruxelles (6)

On the way back to our dinner (typical Belgian “moules and frites” – mussels and French fries – at the historical restaurant Chez Leon), we stopped by one of the best vintage shops in Bruxelles (in my opinion): Episode. This shop is not far from the Grande Place. It is a bit scary when you get in because of the huge amount of clothing and accessories that you can find there, but once you are amerced- the overwhelming feeling quickly subsides. I loved the dresses, trousers, shirts and jackets and the incredible stock of vintage kimonos. We couldn’t resist, even my friends who are not specially vintage fans, buying incredible pieces there (the prices were also very tempting I must say!). Of course I got a vintage kimono and a couple of dresses that I can’t wait to show you!

I wore retro inspired Zara striped culottes, Mango navy sweater, Cos white t-shirt, my new super comfortable New Balance sneakers and my thrifted Balenciaga bag.

Bruxelles (9)

Bruxelles (8)

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