The Ladybug in Vintage Bruxelles pt. 2

Vintage Bruxelles (1)-001

If possible, our second day in Bruxelles was even better than the first one!

We woke up in a beautiful, warm and sunny day and we started the day with one of the best hot chocolates and macarons from the famous Marcolini…do you know a better start? Consider that what came after was even better!

Our Sunday was indeed specially dedicated to vintage hunting in the most vintage area of Bruxelles, the Marolles: it is the place that you cannot miss as it is a mixture of hipster, vintage and retro with plenty of amazing shops from home-décor to art and of course, vintage! I loved all the incredible street art in the area and I couldn’t help asking my favorite photographer friend Valentina to take some pictures of me with my favorite ones!

Vintage Bruxelles (10)-001

Vintage Bruxelles (7)-001

But when you head to the area on a Sunday morning, the first thing to do is a visit to the Jeu de Balle, the most famous antiques and flea market in town: the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed and the bargains are easy to find. We just enjoyed the vibrant market in the square and we got lost among the crowd in this adorable market!

Before a perfect outdoor lunch in one of the loveliest restaurant in rue des renards, Restobière, we headed to the famous vintage shop Foxhole Vintage in the same street and we continued our vintage shopping session started the day before: shoes, skirts, hats and dresses were on the list and it wasn’t easy to pick up our favorites in this colored and well assorted vintage shop! Pricing is absolutely honest and the gems that you can find here are worth a long visit, just to have the time to check almost everything in case you miss something very important waiting for you in the next hangers!

Vintage Bruxelles (9)-001

Vintage Bruxelles (4)-001

Vintage Bruxelles (2)-001

Vintage Bruxelles (3)-001

We also visited one of the oldest vintage shops in Bruxelles, Bernard Gavilon but we didn’t know that he is very famous in Bruxelles since the 80’s when he used to animate the town nightlife and that he was the first to open a vintage shop longtime ago (at least, that’s what we’ve been told!). His little shop in rue de Blaes is very crowded and full of clothes, accessories and homeware but I couldn’t find the “rare piece” and the right atmosphere that I expected to be honest. Still if you love vintage like I do it is a place to visit, at least to meet him in person!

Last but not least, you must grab your biggest bargains at Melting Pot Kilo, a lovely vintage shop in rue Haute that you shouldn’t miss because of their incredible vintage kilo sale: 15 euros for one kilo of clothes is really cheap and you won’t be disappointed by their selection as, unlikely the average vintage kilo sales we are used to see, here you can really find some lovely pieces for ridiculous prices! (For example I bought a floral circle skirt for 3 euros).

Vintage Bruxelles (6)-001

Vintage Bruxelles (5)-001

If you are in Bruxelles at the right time you can also look for the Brussels Vintage Market in the Halles de Saint Géry: it takes place every first Sunday of the month; locals say that it is a bit more expensive than the regular shops, but I guess that you can just have a look and confirm – or not – what they say! (This might also be my excuse to go back to Bruxelles again soon!)

If you are around, I also suggest visiting L’atelier en ville, a concept store in an incredible location where you can buy art and clothes but also drink and eat in one of the most interesting places in town!

As if all this wasn’t enough, the four girls moved to the lovely Flagey area, with the lovely lakes and beautiful houses but also with a lot of beautiful people enjoying the warm and sunny day in the park or in one of the many bars along the way. No need to say that we joined them for our last aperitif before leaving this warm and welcoming town, our lovely friends and one of the funniest and most pleasant weekends ever during which we did all the things that we love more with some very special and beloved friends!

Bye bye Bruxelles…see you soon!

Dress: Episode Vintage Bruxelles; Sneakers: New Balance; Bag: Balenciaga; Sunglasses: Prada

Vintage Bruxelles (8)-001

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