The Ladybug’s happy Summer Jamboree 2015

The Ladybug Chronicles Summer Jamboree 2015 (3)-001

What more can be said about Senigallia Summer Jamboree?

I guess that if you follow my blog and if you love vintage, wherever you live in the world, you know everything about it! For me is the impossible-to-miss summer event: I love so much the atmosphere that I spend the winter months daydreaming of my so desired few days in Senigallia! I can call it my second home now as, after three consecutive years I know the place quite well and I already have my little favorites (my beach, my restaurants, my friends, my beer). Still I can’t get enough of my favorite vintage event in Italy: the live music and dancing all along the city center, the crowd of vintage people, the happy and relaxed atmosphere, the pinups at the beach, the vintage cars, everything makes you feel like living in another place and another era and you know how much I love the 40’s and 50’s! Themed parties, burlesque shows, live concerts on different stages, dance classes and an incredible vintage markets with the best vintage retailers where you can also get your vintage hairdo or makeup!

The Ladybug Chronicles Summer Jamboree 2015 (4)-001

The Ladybug Chronicles Summer Jamboree 2015 (1)-001

I love getting dressed for the event, walking and meeting all my favorite vintage sellers and friends, sipping a beer and trying some swing and rock and roll steps (even if I am still not able to dance!) and just enjoying the priceless atmosphere!

This year I could only spend one day at the Summer Jamboree but I lived it all from the beach time (in a vintage style with a 40’s inspired Frida Querida one piece) to the night out wearing a special outfit especially created for me for the event by the fabulous Madame Ilary who made my beautiful high waisted navy trousers with golden buttons paired with navy asymmetric turban decorated with pearls.

The Ladybug Chronicles Summer Jamboree 2015 (2)-001

I added a striped Dixie top, my Swedish Hasbeens clogs-sandals and my genuine 40’s vintage straw bag from Vintage Galerija in Ljubljana.

As for the last picture, if you look attentively at the mirror you can see one of the most original ideas that I discovered at the Summer Jamboree this year, at my friend Marco from Opherty & Ciocci incredible stall: it is made from a vintage Spalding wooden tennis racket! I loved the idea and I will definitely steal it as I have one of this rare rackets at home!

The Ladybug Chronicles Summer Jamboree 2015 (5)-001

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