The Ladybug and the uncomfortable question: are you a style stealer?

The Ladybug Chronicles 8 White Dress (1)

Let me ask you a question that I am often asked from (and often ask to) my girlfriends: do you mind if someone else buys something that she saw from you? Is it a problem if there is someone else with the exact dress or shoes that you are wearing in the same room as you?

Being “copied” is a sign of admiration: if I buy the same dress that you are wearing it implicitly means that I like the way you are dressed (at least that day!) or that your style is compatible with mine. Nevertheless I can name tons of people that are horrified if they see someone wearing something that they are wearing at the same time. And you? Are you a style stealer or you always strive for exclusivity?

Based on the assumption that the same dress (or shoes or any other piece) can be worn by two different women in a totally different way, I have the feeling that styling a piece is something very personal, as it is wearing a piece because you are the owner of the body and of the personality rocking it or killing it. At the same time, one of the reasons why I love wearing vintage and handmade is the same fact that I know that I will probably be the only one wearing that piece in the world!

The Ladybug Chronicles 8 White Dress (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles 8 White Dress (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles 8 White Dress (4)

As I have the chance to have many stylish and well-dressed friends (I guess this may be one of my criteria to choose my friends! ), it happens very often that we buy the same things, especially with my work colleagues with the elevated risk of arriving at work and see your colleague wearing the same thing as you! We all feel comfortable with what we wear and this may be the reason why we don’t care that much about that but we always ask each other the same question: do you mind if I buy the same?

I am talking about that because I “stole” today’s outfit dress from a friend of mine working with me who bought it online. I didn’t steal it for real, I just fell in love with it and with the retro shape at the point that I needed one too! I asked the usual question and I received the usual answer, so I felt free to go on Yoox and buy this 8 dress from the Kisua for Africa collection. (I still send her a little text the night before to let her know that I am going to wear it the day after!).

But this is not the only piece that I “stole”! I also stole the idea of the silver peep-toe ankle boots from a pair that I saw on my friend-colleague, but we have so many common pieces (especially shoes, on which we have the very same style and passion) that we decided not to ask each other the usual question because we already know the answer! These adorable ankle boots are from Fiori Francesi and I got them during the summer sales.

I paired everything with my diva Celine cat sunglasses (my own!!).

Apparently I am definitely a style stealer….and you?

The Ladybug Chronicles 8 White Dress (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles 8 White Dress (6)

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