The Ladybug is pretty much into Sardinia’s deep blue

The Ladybug Chronicles Villasimius (5)

When you go to Sardinia it is undeniable that the king color is blue. Deep blue. Turquoise blue. Electric blue. Green blue.

All its shades are part of the environment and you can’t avoid it. For a blue lover, it’s like paradise!

That’s why I couldn’t help wearing blue for one of my nights out in Villasimius during my last vacation there. From shoes to shirt, I was really into deep blue that night, in the main square and on my way to a typical Sardinian restaurant.

The Ladybug Chronicles Villasimius (1)

The Ladybug Chronicles Villasimius (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Villasimius (4)

I wore my new electric blue culottes, my new “can’t-live-without” piece, a kind of uniform since I discovered them last winter and enjoyed their retro vibe (do you remember how popular they were in the 80’s?). This pair is from Imperial and I got it on sale last summer. It matches perfectly with my white and blue striped shirt from Zara and with my New Balance sneakers. I added a very old bag from Zara to complete the outfit (sorry no blue bags in my suitcase!!).

The Ladybug Chronicles Villasimius (2)

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