The Ladybug “Runs like a Deejay”: Deejay Ten Run, Milano

The Ladybug Chronicles Deejay Ten Run (2)

This was possibly the last big run of the season: winter is coming and I find it really hard to run when the days get shorter, darker and colder. I know that I should give it a try but I also know how hard it is for me to keep motivated during winter times.

It is hard to stop running for a while especially after a great day like this. I heard about the Deejay Run a few years ago, it is a huge event in Milan and in other cities where Deejay Radio organizes it during the year. Linus himself (a famous Italian deejay, for those who don’t know him) is a passionate runner and he puts all his love and passion for running in this yearly event. He couldn’t run it this year because of an injury but he was there to motivate the thousands of runners running the 5K or 10K in Milan.

It was my first Deejay Ten, last year I heard about it too late and it was already sold-out: 10 km around the center and the parks of Milan (of course, we passed by Deejay Radio studios) that I really enjoyed. I wasn’t well prepared but maybe the company of my favorite runner-friends, maybe the laughter and fun, I ended up doing a better result than my Nike women 10K run in June! The weather was great, a sunny Sunday morning and even if it was hard to get up early (you can say it from our faces!) we really had a wonderful day! It was perfectly organized and we died for our “Run like a Deejay” new tees!

The Ladybug Chronicles Deejay Ten Run (1)



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