The Ladybug and the fabulous world of Alfons Mucha

The Ladybug Chronicles Mucha (6)

Yesterday was the last day of one of the most interesting exhibits held in Milan lately: Alfons Mucha and the Art Nouveau atmospheres. Maybe his name is not very familiar but when you will see his work you will understand what I am talking about: the Czech artist is the father of Art Nouveau and his affiches and decorative panels were the expression of a new way of using art as a communicative language (for example for advertising).

More than 100 works are exposed in such an harmonious and powerful way that your path along the exhibit is a real amazing total involvement in Mucha’s art. From the wonderful iconic posters of the theatre actress Sarah Bernhardt to advertising posters, from the female representation to the oriental influences this exhibit is pure pleasure for all senses and a real proof of the best Art Nouveau works.

The Ladybug Chronicles Mucha (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles Mucha (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Mucha (2)

I was completely amazed by his art and I spent a lot of time lost in his golden panels and in his women images!

I wore Max & Co grey coat (another winter sales bargain!), Sandro sweatshirt (sales bargain again), Acne Studios jeans. I paired with Replay biker boots, Zara quilted bag and handmade yellow hat with bow by Madame S.

The Ladybug Chronicles Mucha (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Mucha (1)

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