The Ladybug’s Vintage Tour of Edinburgh

The Ladybug Chronicles Edinburgh Vintage (8)

It has been more than a month now that I visited Edinburgh for a weekend with one of my best friends who lives not too far from there. It was definitely one of my best weekends ever: not only I was with a friend that I love and that unfortunately I don’t see too often (with my same passion for traveling, drinking and shopping!) but we were in one of the most amazing cities ever! I didn’t know that Edinburgh could be so beautiful and captivating, I was amazed at every corner! I took hundreds of pictures, which explains why it took so long to make up a decent post with less than fifteen pics! (Which I didn’t manage, that’s why there will be another one later this week!).

We walked and visited a lot but we also made time for some good vintage and charity shopping in town, so today I will share my personal tips for a full vintage/charity shops experience in town while in my next post we will talk more about the sightseeing and what not to miss if you plan a weekend there anytime soon!

As I often say the first thing to do when you go abroad is to check online if any vintage fair is in town: for example Judy’s is often in Edinburgh so you may be lucky enough to find one of the Judy’s Vintage Affordable Fairs around (I wasn’t that lucky unfortunately!) or you may also check Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair’s events site and Facebook page (I’ve never been to their events but my friend told me that they are worth a visit!).

Most of my favourite vintage shops are near the Edinburgh Castle, in a lovely area around Grassmarket with loads of lovely shops and bars that are worth a visit even if you are not really into vintage. In the Grassmarket square you can find the oldest vintage shop in town, Armstrong’s, a real institution in Edinburgh and once you head in you will immediately understand why: the place overloads of incredible and rare pieces for men and women and it is impossible to leave without a bag from there. It may happen that you also spend a lot of time with your head up looking at all the beautiful pieces hanging from the ceiling!

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On the opposite side of Grassmarket, walking to Westport you can find some other great vintage shops. The first that you will find is Godiva, an adorable shop that mixes vintage pieces with new retro inspired jewels (that’s where I found my beautiful flamingo brooch from Erstwilder, one of the loveliest jewellery brands that I discovered in this lovely boutique!) and clothing with a vintage twist. I really loved this coloured, young and fresh boutique and their vintage selection is really interesting!

If you walk a bit more on the same street you will find another lovely vintage shop called Herman Brown: the place is amazing, full of vintage pieces, with a great collection of accessories (I was in love with their shoes, bags and quirky jewellery!). My friend bought there a lovely pair of cat-eye glasses and we enjoyed a pleasant chat on vintage in Edinburgh with the adorable owners of this beautiful place full of amazing vintage pieces for every style.

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If you have the time (make sure you do!) the best thing that you can do in Edinburgh is a 15/20 minute-walk (during which you will also see the most amazing Georgian buildings in town) from the Castle to Stockbridge, one of the most incredible and vibrant areas I have ever visited in my life! The area is full of charity shops, amazing bars and restaurant, little markets and, as we visited it on an incredibly warm and sunny Sunday, people!

In Stockbridge you will find one of the loveliest vintage shops in Edinburgh, Those were the days in Saint Stephen Street, but make sure to go there during the week as it was closed on Sunday and I could only stare at their lovely windows. In front of this shop there is a tiny and dark vintage shop, Skinny Pig, with a lovely owner and with some interesting pieces at affordable prices that is worth a visit before heading to Raeburn Place and Deanhaugh Street where you will be completely lost in the charity shops’ paradise. You will find dozen of great charity shop one next to the other so prepare for a long session: Hospices of Hope (possibly the best bargains), Debra, Barnardo’s (with the best vintage pieces), Capability Scotland, Cancer Research UK, Mary’s living and giving shop by the famous Mary Portas (one of my favourites, I bought palazzo pants for 4 quid), British Red Cross, Shelter, Oxfam (both with dedicated book shops for the best books bargains), Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland. We were exhausted after that but incredibly happy and full of bargains including books, china and clothes for ridiculous prices!

I wore Miss Patina cat shirt, Topshop boyfriend jeans, Primark long waistcoat (bought in Edinburgh – as well as my flamingo brooch from Erstwilder!), Max&Co coat, vintage quilted bag and Nike 4 Other Stories white sneakers.

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