The Ladybug in the streets of Edinburgh

The Ladybug Chronicles Edinburgh (1)

My weekend in Edinburgh wasn’t all about vintage and charity shops but also about enjoying this incredible city and walking all day to see as much as possible during our two-day trip. We were lucky enough to have two wonderful sunny and warm days to enjoy the town at its best!

Our hotel was in Princes Street, one of the most important streets of Edinburgh not far from the train station, almost near everything and full of shops for your late and deserved shopping after a whole day of walking (Topshop was on my list, of course!).

It is from Princes Street that we started our journey, walking past the beautiful Princes Street Gardens full of green and colored flowers from which you can admire beautiful views of the famous Edinburgh Castle. It is from there that we started our way up to the castle where we spent hours admiring the best views of the city (you can easily see the sea from there!) and visiting every corner of this amazing place!

The Ladybug Chronicles Edinburgh (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Edinburgh (3)

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The Ladybug Chronicles Edinburgh (5)

From there we walked down to Grassmarket, one of my favorite areas not only for the vintage shops but also for the energy and the atmosphere. After a walk in West Port we came back there for a quick lunch in the sun before starting our way along the Royal Mile (with a lot of deviations in the lovely side streets) straight to the amazing Holyrood Palace, the official residence of the British monarch in Scotland that is worth the visit especially for the wonderful gardens. Here you can also see Mary Stuart rooms, including the outer chamber where the famous murder of her secretary David Rizzio took place.

On this long road from the Castle to Holyrood Palace you can also find the Saint Giles Cathedral (where we saw a real Scottish wedding with sexy Scottish men in kilt…yes, I find them incredibly sexy when they wear it!), the Real Mary King’s Close (let me warn you, this is a real touristic attraction but it’s not too bad!), the modern Scottish Parliament Building and the Queen’s Gallery. From here you can also admire the beautiful Arthur’s seat mountain.

The Ladybug Chronicles Edinburgh (11)

The Ladybug Chronicles Edinburgh (10)

The Ladybug Chronicles Edinburgh (9)

We decided to spend our Saturday night in the New Town, a lovely part of Edinburgh on the northern side of Princes Street, full of lovely restaurants and bars. After a well-deserved drink at the incredible bar The Dome we ate delicious fresh fish at Fishers in the City.

We started our Sunday trip with a free visit at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery where you can find, among kings and queens portraits, also Tilda Swinton and Sean Connery’s portraits. From there we took a long walk along the most beautiful Georgian buildings in town to reach Stockbridge where we fell immediately in love with the place and decided to spend all day there (see my last post about Stockbridge’s vintage and charity shops’ paradise here).

Just a last tip: while walking down the roads in Edinburgh and falling in love with the Georgian buildings, make sure not to miss the beautiful vintage bookshops. The city is full of them and they will be a joy for your vintage eyes!

I wore Bloody Edith striped sweater, Imperial trousers, Max&Co coat, Nike 4 Other Stories white sneakers and vintage quilted bag.

The Ladybug Chronicles Edinburgh (8)

The Ladybug Chronicles Edinburgh (7)

The Ladybug Chronicles Edinburgh (6)

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