The Ladybug’s 70’s Afro outfit (L’Afrique, c’est chic!)

The Ladybug Chronicles African 70's (4)

When I think of the 70’s that I love I cannot think only of the “Flower Power” and “Peace and Love” trends around Europe and America.  I still love the flowers in the hair, the flare jeans, the wooden platforms but I cannot separate it from the “Black Power”, the early disco and all the fashion related to that era among black people especially in the United States. Afro hair, African headscarves, African bangles and large earrings.

Diana Ross is my fashion icon of the 70’s and when I try to re-create an outfit inspired to that decade I can’t help mixing flare pants with afro hair or just add something African to the outfit.

I must confess that I do that quite often: my love for African prints and fashion in general is huge since I was a kid and I used to go with my grandmother to the fairs and markets only to buy African scarves to put on my head; I used the same scarves when I was a bit older to create my Erykah Badu inspired turbans!

The Ladybug Chronicles African 70's (1)

The Ladybug Chronicles African 70's (2)

I often wear African pieces to my daily outfits and lately I also decided to leave my curly natural hair free in an afro styled cut.

When I bought my H&M printed navy jumpsuit (on sale for 7 euros last winter!) I immediately imagined to wear it in a 70’s inspired outfit. I didn’t have my wooden platforms with me so I wore it with my navy Swedish Hasbeens sandals but I added two afro touches: the beautiful handmade African turban by Sine Modus and the adorable original vintage brooch from Déjà Vu Vintagepedia.

The Ladybug Chronicles African 70's (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles African 70's (3)

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