The Ladybug’s outfit for..queuing!


As I told you in my last post I spent two days in Bologna with my friends to see the famous David Bowie Is exhibit. I also told you that we went there on Monday and we realized that there was a more-than-three-hour-queue and we decided to leave it there and to enjoy the city while buying a fast-lane ticket for the following day!

But I was wearing my vintage jumpsuit and I thought that it was cool to take some pictures before heading to lunch and some visiting in my adored Bologna, where I spent so much time when I was a student and where I madly fell in love with vintage among the stalls of the Montagnola park.




I am wearing indeed a vintage black playsuit that I bought at Vintage Dublin when I was in Ireland at the beginning of the year. It was part of a flash-sale at 10 euros and I didn’t even try it! It is a piece from the 80’s and the upper part is made of velvet (even if you cannot really see it from the picture).

I added a vintage leather obi – that you cannot see either – and I wore it with my biker boots from Replay, my military jacket from Twenty8Twelve and my Michael Kors bucket bag.

With all that black I couldn’t help wearing my old Kiko red lipstick, of course!




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