The Ladybug pays tribute to Imany, Imany style!


I can remember the day I discovered Imany’s music and style on YouTube.

I read about her in a magazine, about her story and her music. I was so curious that I decided to look for her on YouTube: well, it was love at first sight! It started with “You will never know” and it continued with “Take care” and “The Shape of a Broken Heart”. But it was not only her music that I fell in love with, but also with her style: very simple, effortlessly easy and with an African touch that I adored (wax turbans, headbands and skirts that I found absolutely perfect!)



When I knew about her being in concert in Milan at the Alcatraz I immediately asked around to find someone to go with me and I found my friend Sabrina who -at my biggest surprise- also is a fan of Imany. We really liked her live: great voice, wonderful songs from her new album (“The Wrong Kind of War”) and from her old one (“The Shape of a Broken Heart”), incredible covers and beautiful stories for two hours.

If we talk about style I adored her wax bomber (I found out later that it was from Xuly.Bet) and I decided that I need one too! By the way, we paid tribute to Imany that night and we wore our wax turbans from Madame Ilary!



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