The Ladybug is all about milk!

The Ladybug Chronicles Nisia

I’ve been looking for a good face daily cream for the last few months as I don’t seem to find the one for me. The thing is that I’m probably asking too much and I don’t want to spend a fortune, which makes it a bit complicated. I found out that it is not necessarily true that expensive creams works better than cheaper ones so I better search on a wider price range! The thing is that my skin is getting old (like me! Sad truth!) and I need a bit of firming action, nourishment, hydration and good texture. Let’s be honest: our face skin is the business card of our beauty and wealth, so it needs particular attention.

While struggling with my perfect face cream search, I was invited to a beauty event organized by Arborea, a Sardinian milk producer, to present their new beauty products line Nisia, natural and dermatologically tested, made with their own milk, produced under the Sardinian sun and in front of their wonderful sea!

I was very intrigued, after all even Cleopatra used milk to have a brighter and hydrated skin!

NISIA 01_groupage gamma

The line includes five products for skin beauty: moisturizer face cream and body milk, nourishing face and hands cream, anti-aging face serum.  They all feature L5, a specific formula containing all the characteristics of Arborea milk and 5 natural sugars to strengthen the action. L5 helps fighting against free radicals and maintaining our skin moisturized and nourished.

I decided to test the Nourishing anti-age face cream for two weeks and here is what happened: my little wrinkles are still there but my skin is overall brighter, softer and more compacted when I touch it. The texture is very light and makes it perfect under makeup as it doesn’t feel heavy on your face.

If you want to try too, you can find Nisia products online at

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