The Ladybug adding curves to a Zara outfit

The Ladybug Chronicles Mixed Checks (1)

“You look like a Zara dummy, but with curves!”. This was a comment from a friend when he saw me dressed like this. I guess that for some reason he saw the dummy in the Zara shop, dressed exactly like this (honestly this is where I took  my inspiration for buying these two pieces and then wear them together!) and he realized when he saw me! But adding curves to an outfit was such a compliment for me!

After many years, not only I accept my curvy body but I definitely love it the way it is. I honestly prefer this outfit on me than on the Zara dummy, and so did my friend! This simple thing made me think about my complicated relationship with my body over the years: I still have my downs, there are still parts of my body that I don’t like every now and then, but it’s me, it’s the body that I have and that I have to take care of. How can I think that people will like it if I don’t do it first? It takes time and self-awareness but I’m glad that I am at this stage!

The Ladybug Chronicles Mixed Checks (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles Mixed Checks (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Mixed Checks (5)

One of the things that I hate most is when people try to tell me that I should dress in a way that suits my body: I shouldn’t wear long skirts as I’m not tall, I shouldn’t show my legs as they’re not thin and long, I shouldn’t do this or I shouldn’t do that. We often limit our creativity because of other people’s reactions. I am someone who takes things personally and it took a lot of time and strength not to take this kind of remarks on myself but now I often answer “So what?” or “Please keep these limitations for yourself” or I just laugh and turn my head on the other side. Most of times criticism comes from not acceptance of ourselves, so just leave this feeling to other people if they want to live with it!

Ah…the Zara dummy only wore this checked skirt and blouse together but I added matching Zara patent ankle boots and vintage earrings + Senegalese bracelets!

The Ladybug Chronicles Mixed Checks (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Mixed Checks (6)

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